To The Couple at the Bar. . .

When you’ve spent an hour of fighting and crying in the corner of the bar for all to see, I’m wondering. . .is it worth it? While we do appreciate the entertainment you provided us, we mostly felt sorry for the guy in the fight. . .he just couldn’t do anything right. . .I guess it was the fact that continue reading

You Know You’ve Had a Good Time When. . .

You Know You’ve Had a Good Time When. . .

you know you've had a good time when

. . .and yes they are empty! Despite being super tired from the week. . .tonight was a fun time with friends at a new BYOB waaaay up north in Frisco, called Giovanni's. Good times. . . Before you judge those wine bottles were enjoyed by about 20 of us. . .not just by me! continue reading

Thrifty Thursday

On Tuesday, I was cruising around the internet on few different financial sites and couldn’t help laughing when I learned that this week is America saves week. Apparently it is a three year-old organization promoting and educating people on saving. I didn’t really get a chance to spend much time on continue reading

wine o. wednesday #12

wine o. wednesday #12


This week I drank Bitch wine. . .sorry if that offends anyone? But it is good wine! Meredith and I happened upon this wine one night at Cru, a local wine bar, because it was one of the wines in the flight we had ordered. We liked it so much we ordered a full glass to enjoy. It makes me laugh continue reading

Fat Tuesday Celebrations

My no spending money plan was going great until my friend Mia (just kidding, Mai!), sent out an email about going out tonight. If you have ever been fortunate enough to be a part of one of these email chains, you know they can be overwhelming and sort of peer pressure you into things (in a good continue reading