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Ah Tuesday. . .why aren’t you Friday?

Despite the fact that this week isn’t even half way over yet. . .I had a fun break from the monotony that is the work week. . .a pedicure! That’s right Polished was running a good special for a mani/pedi combo so we figured, why not? Although tonight I learned that if you take them up on one of continue reading

What I’m Reading, week 16

So, I’m still not reading The Kite Runner, I’ve decided that I am going to wait until this summer to read it when I can read it uninterrupted. I have not been very successful at reading it in small bits of time, so, I decide to try something a bit light-hearted. A few weeks ago when I was in continue reading

A Weekend In the Country

Yesterday morning I drove out to Athens to Meredith’s grandparent’s ranch. It was so much fun! There were about twelve of us and all we did was play. Unfortunately I wasn’t very good about taking pictures, and some of the pictures I did take, I had to swear not to post anywhere. So if you want continue reading

How to Dominate in Marbles. . .

This is something I learned tonight. . .and man was it fun! Matt’s poppa made Lacee a marble board for Christmas and ever since we have been playing marbles as often as we can. The way we play is similar to Chinese Checkers but the board is set up a little bit differently. The whole purpose continue reading

Not A Lot Here . . .

Unfortunately I don’t have much to say today. . . I should have written my post before heading out for karaoke tonight, but I didn’t because I didn’t know what to say then and I still don’t. Here’s what I know: Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday I wish there were more hours in the day It’s time for continue reading