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Not much to say. . .

because I am so excited about my trip to Boston on Thursday! Since Dr. Meyer has just started his residency in Boston and has an amazing two bedroom apartment I thought. . .what better place to go for the 4th of July! Be prepared for lots of pictures and hopefully some funny stories. . continue reading

L.A. Candy

I have to admit I was curious about Lauren Conrad’s book “L.A. Candy,” but was really embarrassed that I couldn’t find it on my own and had to ask for help. Then I was told it was in the teen section. . .thank goodness there weren’t all that many people around to hear my question As I started continue reading

It’s Beeper’s Birfday!

No her name isn’t really Beeper but that’s what I’ve been calling her for the last 26 years or so and she LOVES it! (She's the one on the right. . .that's for you Brett since you say I don't always specify who is who!) Sorry for no wine o. Wednesday, but it isn’t everyday my little sister has a continue reading

Chitty Chitty

Tonight we went to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. . .and there were so many kids in the audience. It was nuts when the car started flying. There was so much cheering and clapping. . .I think it was the noisiest I have ever heard at a musical. Unfortunately this play just was all that interesting continue reading

wine o. wednesday #25

Tonight I am sad to say, I am disappointed in the wine I’m drinking. I was really looking forward to this one and expecting a winner. This is a new wine from BR Cohn, at least I’m pretty sure it isn’t just new to me, I think it is new to the winery as well. I have typically enjoyed the continue reading