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Can Doing Something Twice Make it a Tradition?

Now, remember I’m an Aggie, so I’m big into traditions. . .and maybe it is early to call this a tradition but it sure is fun! Last year, when I went to Napa, I was greeted with this warm welcome home: So, this year to welcome Beth back to the mainland after her week long journey to Hawaii, continue reading

reality is sinking in. . .

On Saturday it hit me, I had exactly one month left in my 20s. I’m not scared to turn 30, I just can’t believe I am about to turn 30. That just seems crazy! I remember when 30 seemed so far away and now it is just around the corner so I guess I better get ready for the big 3-oh! continue reading

Water For Elephants

For a little over a year now, I keep seeing Water for Elephants, and have thought about reading it. Well, I finally did and I loved it! To be honest I wasn’t really sure what to expect, I kind of had an idea it was about the circus but wasn’t sure what aspect of the circus it was about. The continue reading

Revisiting an Old Favorite

I always wonder, would I rewatch a TV series if I owned it on DVD? And the answer is in fact yes. I don’t do it often or with many shows. There are only two shows that I seem to rewatch on DVD, even though I own quite a few. Those two shows are Felicity and Gilmore Girls. Felicity started my continue reading

Oh, Big Brother, Big Brother, Big Brother. . .

Oh yeah, big brother! Sorry that’s what I think of every time I watch, hear or talk about Big Brother. Although in the song, it is actually big booty. . .oh the memories of Fish Camp! I am way behind the times when it comes to Big Brother, because this is season 11 and my first season to watch. continue reading