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All I’ve Missed at the Fair is the Fried Food

I haven't been to the Fair in probably 15 or more years, but I cannot believe how many different foods they now fry. . .it's a bit ridiculous. But I do find it funny that Fried Butter is enough of an attraction to bring Oprah in town. . . But, I had no idea that Brett would literally skip and run continue reading

The Lovely Bones

I know this book has been around for quite some time, but I am just now getting around to reading it. I had always heard mixed things about this book, some people really enjoyed it, and some people hated it. I have to say that I enjoyed it. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, is the story of continue reading

Adventures in Cooking

For Christmas, Kandice got me a subscription to Food & Wine Magazine. There have been quite a few recipes that looked good, but none quite like the Vaca Frita: Crispy Beef. This was on the cover of the May issue and it looked so good, and the recipe really didn’t look that tricky. I just need continue reading

I Wouldn’t Call Myself OCD, except. . .

when I start playing MahJong, ever played? Once I start it is so hard to actually cut myself off. I’ll think to myself, I have some time to kill, I’ll play a game of MahJong. . .then it turns into 3 games or 4 games. . .yikes! It is almost impossible for me to stop playing in the middle of a continue reading

wine o. wednesday, #33

So much for the fall like weather, it has been downright hot here, which can only mean a chilled white wine was what I needed. Back in 2005 on my first trip out to Napa I visited Artesa with my friends. I thought the winery was absolutely beautiful covered with fountains and providing a beautiful continue reading