25 Things About Me

I was tagged on Facebook by 8 people in this “note” thing and thought I would just post it on my blog instead. Although I don’t really think I have 25 interesting things to tell everyone about me.

1. I feel like a real adult because I am refinancing my house.
2. I’m kind of addicted to Blackberry Messenger.
3. I recently discovered Dexter thanks to my brother.
4. Last year I made 13 pillows in one weekend, which coincidentally was the same weekend that I learned how to sew on the sewing machine.
5. In my imaginary future I would live in Napa Valley and own a winery, so that it would be okay to drink wine whenever.
6. I love 80’s movies, especially Sixteen Candles and can pretty much quote the movie.
7. I would really like to visit all 50 states in my life. So far I have been to 30 states, just 20 more to go!
8. I used to teach classes on how to Scrapbook.
9. My middle initial O, stands for Olson. It was my grandmother’s maiden name and I hated it when I was little because the kids would call me Mrs. Olson.
10. I hate when people I don’t know (well, and people I know) that call me “sweetie” or “honey.”
11. My favorite color is red.
12. I wish that my hair had at least half of the curl that my sister’s has.
13. I had 10 different roommates in college.
14. The veins on the back of my right hand spell out JAY, not sure if that means anything.
15. I record entirely too many shows every week; we constantly have to key an eye on how full it is.
16. Adam Arkin once took a picture of my friends and me in New York.
17. I didn’t become a football fan until I went to A&M and attended my first Aggie football game.
18. I don’t have any living grandparents.
19. I have to sleep with a fan on, for the noise.
20. Ilan Mitchell-Smith (or Wyatt from Weird Science) took over my Chaucer class in college when my original professor got sick.
21. I’m gonna be 30 this year.
22. I recently discovered that I really enjoy making soup.
23. I am not a very good sleeper these days and have a hard time falling asleep and end up staying up until after midnight.
24. I am not a fan of talking on the phone, probably because I spend most of the work day on the phone.
25. I took German lessons when I was little, it was Dad’s idea.

Whew, I actually did it!


  1. NO. now, NOW! 🙂

  2. “kind of addicted to blackberry messenger?” please. if you’re “kind of ” addicted, i freaking need rehab.

  3. I agree with Kandice…you’re life may end if you didn’t have that crazy phone in your hand! It dings all the time! You’re very popular! 🙂

    Can I come live at the imaginary winery? I want to drink wine whenever I want and I love Napa!


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