Hey there! I’m Kate O. Lynch and if you look at the categories on this blog you’ll notice that I can’t seem to pick one thing and stick with it!  I love reading, wine, writing, Dallas, traveling and spending time with friends.  Oh and my two adorable nephews:


I was born and raised in Dallas, TX and attended Texas A&M University, WHOOP!  After graduating from college I went to work full-time for a local scrapbook store and transitioned to the wholesale business that began inside the store, Magic Scraps.  The four years I worked at Magic Scraps were amazing!  I spent the majority of my time creating scrapbook products, teaching technique classes and traveling all over the world meeting new people.  It was a dream job, because very little of my time there actually felt like work.  It was on one of the many trips I went on, that a coworker introduced me “Chicklit.”  It was love at first sight!  After years of reading Shakespeare, Chaucer and the likes I forgot how fun reading could be.  Not long after my discovery of Chicklit, while we were stuck on the runway in a plane (imagine that), my coworkers and I started talking about how great it would be if someone would write a book about a scrapbooker.  Talking about the idea of writing a book took me back to my childhood.  I can remember sitting in church, “listening” to the sermon all the while hard at work on my first novel.  Mind you, my first novel, second novel and so on were composed on sections of those square notepads that have a wax binding up one side of the cube.


It was the closest thing to an actual book that I could come up with as a second grader, and I could conceal it in my purse.

Needless to say, I was inspired and started writing a book.  I self-published Creative Chaos in March of 2012 after receiving a Kindle for Christmas and realizing that Creative Chaos in print didn’t have to remain just a dream.

Creative Chaos Book Cover Copyright

You can read the synopsis here.  It is available for the Kindle and can be purchased here.

In November of 2012, I quit my job to pursue opportunities that have presented themselves since I started KateOGroup.  Being self-employed gives me the opportunity to pursue a wide variety of things: website designs, custom graphics, social media and most importantly writing.  I’m currently balancing the development of not one but two different story lines for my next two books.

You can also find me cooking and trying new recipes.  I’ve recently begun to research clean eating and natural foods which has introduced me to some fun recipes.  Also, I absolutely LOVE my crockpot!

I am a proud new mom to a boxer puppy named Bailey!


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