Acme F&B | Dallas

Acme F&B | Dallas

I am definitely tardy to the party that is Acme F&B Dallas. This restaurant that took over the old Cretia’s location on McKinney, next door to Corner Bar has been open for months and I had yet to make it in there. When my friend Kandice came in town and wanted to give it a try I happily volunteered to go with her.

I loved the decor and design of Acme F&B, it has an industrial but welcoming feel to it. We sat at the bar in the back because my friend Jessica was bar tending back there and part of the reason I wanted to stop in was to see her.

Brotherly-Love-Acme-fb-Dallas.jpgAs we decided what to eat I took Jessica’s suggestion and ordered the Brotherly Love Martini. It was an interesting mix of flavors and I love any drink that uses Elderflower as an ingredient. The bitters was too overwhelming which I was a little leery of.

Looking over the menu it was hard to decide what to order, so we went with several different options to get a good feel for the menu and I got to head home with some left overs! We weren’t in any rush and took our time mulling over the menu.

To start we went with a few appetizers:

Kandice choose the Steak Tartare.




This isn’t something I probably would have picked but it was really good. The egg is normally directly on top of the steak tartare but since I am allergic they did it a little differently for us. So that I could try the steak tartare the egg was served in a small dish so that it was “on the side.” The crunchy bread that came with the Steak Tartare was perfect.





I think the Yukon Potato Skins were my idea.

These were delicious and I absolutely loved the presentation. I’ve never seen such nice looking potato skins. I am not normally a fan of horse radish but on these potato skins it wasn’t overwhelming and being mixed with Creme Fraiche made me actually want more!




Lastly we went with the Mac & Cheese

There was no way we were going to skip out on the Mac & Cheese. How could you when it has bacon? This mac & cheese is made with Redneck Cheddar, not sure how it is different from any other cheddar but it was delicious! Topped with caramelized onions and what tasted like bacon jam was to die for!

I don’t think you could go wrong ordering any of these appetizers, but I definitely recommend that you try the mac & cheese.

At this point we really should have stopped, we were stuffed. So we decided  instead to just hang out for a bit because until we weren’t so full, because we decided our experience at Acme F&B wouldn’t be complete without ordering some entrees.

Kandice really wanted to try the duck. I am not the duck fan that she is, and it’s most likely because I’ve just never had duck and liked it so I tend to skip ordering it.


I was so full I didn’t even try the duck.  I know I should have but  I just didn’t.  This was the Roasted Duck Breast that is accompanied by Sweet Potato Puree and Warm Brussels Sprout Salad.  Though since Kandice isn’t a big Sweet Potato fan they let her her swap those out for regular potatoes.  Despite it being delicious, there was no way she could finish all of this after all of the appetizers we had.

I went with the Flatbread, though technically this was still an appetizer.


I absolutely loved this crust!  It was super crispy and a true flat bread.  I added chicken to the artichokes, arugula, goat cheese and lemon.  And this made a delicious left over the next day.  Because the crust was so crispy it helped well being refrigerated overnight.

We had no room for dessert, so after our entrees we called it a night.  Acme F&B Dallas offers brunch so I’d loved to head back and give it a try.  I also think their patio would be a lot of un on a nice day.  Have you been to Acme F&B Dallas?  What did you have?



  1. Another great place I will have to put on my list to try. And, thank you for recommending The Coffee House. It has become my go to spot lately for breakfast, lunch or to enjoy the coffee and free wifi.

    • Glad to hear it! I need to go over to Coffee House and use their free wifi during the day, I think it would make an excellent “branch office!”

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