All I’ve Missed at the Fair is the Fried Food

I haven’t been to the Fair in probably 15 or more years, but I cannot believe how many different foods they now fry. . .it’s a bit ridiculous. But I do find it funny that Fried Butter is enough of an attraction to bring Oprah in town. . .

But, I had no idea that Brett would literally skip and run across the Fairgrounds to find the Fried Butter that I like to call Butter Balls. . .

Look how excited he is, just about finding the booth selling the Butter Balls. . .


Four of us went in on the Butter Balls together so that we could all try them, though it was way too much butter for me so I shared my butter ball with Mollie.




After Fried Butter we headed into one of the buildings in search of the Fried Peaches and Cream for Melissa and Jennifer:


While inside Brett spied the Fried Grilled Cheese sign and decided he had to try it:


Apparently it is so good he will be DREAMING about it. . .our group also tried the fried cookie dough and the fried smores. . .the possibilities are endless!


  1. You weren’t at the fair long enough to know fried food was all you were missing!!!

  2. Gross… What I want to know is how sick everyone felt after eating that junk! 🙂 Sounds like it would be fun, but I can’t imagine all that fried food- yikes!
    Watching the Biggest Loser and thinking that it might be a fun challenge for them to go to the State Fair and have to choose which fried food might have the least calories- ha!

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