Austin by Way of Pedi-Cab

Austin by Way of Pedi-Cab

This weekend I went to Austin, TX for one of my sister’s best friend’s bachelorette party.
We spent most of the day Saturday shopping and roaming around South Congress until we could check into our hotel.

Saturday night, we headed out at 7 for our pedi-cab tour. I know what you’re thinking, pedi-cab, random. And I had the exact same thought, but it was one of the most fun things I’ve done in forever!
I think it was Claire that came up with this idea, but it might have been Sammie; regardless it was through Urban Taste Tours.

Since there were 7 of us we had to have 3 pedi-cabs and our guys were hilarious; they were Andrew, Andre (sp? I know there was a y in there somewhere) & Robert. Here is a picture of Mandy, the bachelorette with the guys.

We did the margarita/mojito tour instead of the “Bachelorette” theme because basically we would have just paid more money for the guys to pedal us around without their shirts on and I think a little toile would have been attached to the cars. Although after teasing the guys about it a little two of them did arrive at our second stop shirtless for an added bonus. See:











The first stop was at El Sol y La Luna. We got there and our waitress Andi was waiting for us with a table all set up. It was so nice to just be able to walk in and be seated. At this restaurant we got one appetizer for the table, we went with guacamole (and I recommend it), we also each got one drink. The margaritas here were huge.










Second stop was Trio at the Four Seasons, I know, I know we’re fancy! At Trio we didn’t just get an appetizer for the table, we each got an appetizer. We went with one of everything with the exception of I think 2 items on the menu and all shared them. Everything was so good! We had a variety of foods from steak fries and sliders to beef carpaccio and ceviche. And, we each got an on the rocks and a frozen margarita. I couldn’t believe how much they gave us; we kept thinking it was a mistake. So if it was, thanks for the hook up!



After a quick jaunt in the pedi-cab we were dropped off at our last stop the Belmont. Since the weather was so nice we opted for the outdoor patio. After the margaritas at the first two stops we all needed a bit of a break and went with mojitos. Once again we were surprised when our waiter, Josh, told us that once again we got one appetizer per person.



Needless to say after all the great food there was no need to eat an actual meal. Instead we moved on to the scavenger hunt that was supposed to be completed that night. First task, Mandy had to have her picture taken with a guy named Josh since that is her fiancée’s name:







I completed my task next, to kiss a bald man’s head, lucky me!

Once they guys arrived we headed out again and we had them take us to Little Woodrow’s so we could buy them a beer. (I say we, but really it was Claire who bought them some beers.)

Last stop was the Ranch where we convinced the guys, well minus Andrew, aka McLovin. He had to get back to work to make some dough. Sadly the dress code at the Ranch wouldn’t allow Andre in because he had no sleeves. Claire very graciously offered to buy him a shirt and sent him next door with $20, a few minutes later he was back and ready to go.

We ended the night at the Ranch dancing and hanging out on the outside deck. I will leave the recap there since this has gotten super long.

Thanks for loaning me your pictures Beth!


  1. Sounds like you gals had fun – those margaritas look awesome!!!

  2. Such a GREAT weekend!! I’m kind of sad it’s over….although I don’t want to have to recover from it again….

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