Baby Proof | Emily Giffin

Baby Proof | Emily Giffin

I had put off reading any Emily Giffin books until I saw the preview for Something Borrowed and had to read it before the movie came out.  I busted through Something Borrowed and Something Blue but then stalled on reading any more of her books.

Not too long ago, Giffin’s Baby Proof was marked down for the Kindle so I decided to get it because I loved the first two books of hers that I read.  I haven’t quite finished Baby Proof and I think that is partly because I haven’t been able to as easily connect with this story.  I keep waiting to really understand the main character Claudia, I just haven’t gotten there yet.  If I had I probably would have flown through this book last week while I was home sick.

As the book begins Claudia is happily married to Ben and surrounded by a sister dying to get pregnant and a best friend trying desperately to get pregnant by her married boyfriend.  Claudia on the other hand, doesn’t want a baby.  This was a point she and Ben both agreed on…until Ben decides he does want a baby.

While Claudia wants nothing more than for her relationship with Ben to be Baby Proof, can it really be?  I’m still waiting to find out!


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