Baby Shower Food for Baby Pietsch

Baby Shower Food for Baby Pietsch

{Warning Long Post – Baby Shower Food Ideas}

I know you’re probably wondering, Pietsch is pronounced “peach,” like the fruit.  Sunny Pietsch married my cousin Ryan about 4 years ago and they are expecting their first baby.  And it’s a girl…I am SO excited!  Not that I don’t love my nephews Wesley and Easton; it’s just that baby girl clothes are so much more fun!  Any way…I got to design the invitation, my cousin Lindsey gave me the idea of the peach in the tummy because at the time we sent out the invite we didn’t know what they were having.

I love designing custom graphics so this was a lot of fun for me.  (One day I’ll update and upload more items like this.)  If you know of anyone looking for custom invitations send them my way!

We decided since Sunny is in Austin and her family and friends are spread out from Dallas all the way down to Corpus Christi and of course out west where she grew up, to throw the shower in Austin.  But since none of us live there we were fortunate enough to be able to borrow my mom’s friend’s house for the shower.  They live up on a hill in Lakeway with a gorgeous view!

Beth, Tiffany and I had all sorts of ideas for the baby shower food thanks to Pinterest!  Here’s all of the food and beverages we had at the shower:

Isn’t it fun and festive!? Not to toot our own horn but I think it turned out awesome!

I thought I’d go over the baby shower food items that I made since I cannot take credit for all of this awesomeness, it was most definitely a team effort!  Mom, Lindsey, Tiffany and Beth!

First I’ll start with Bacon Bundles.






I got this recipe for a coworker many years ago and have altered it quite a bit since then to make it easier to make because they are always so popular they are frequently requested and can be time-consuming to make.  One recipe makes almost 100!  I’ll start with the recipe as it was originally given to me:

Original Bacon Bundle Ingredients:

1 lb low sodium bacon

1 yellow onion, chopped

1 bag yellow cheese, finely shredded

1 bag white cheese, finely shredded

1 small jar Hellman’s Mayonaise

5-7 roma tomatoes

1/4 tsp dried basil

3 cans refrigerator biscuits

First thing you do is brown the onions and cook the bacon….do you have any idea how long it takes to fry a pound of bacon? A really long time! Plus it’s messy and I often end up burning myself.  So…to save time and energy I started using the real bacon salad topping.  As a bonus this actually makes the Bacon Bundles less greasy.  I also, buy frozen diced onions and heat them in a skillet until they are brown.  The heat from the onions is all you need to really mix everything together.

Scoop out the mayonaise from one small jar of mayonaise.  The jar in the picture was larger so I didn’t use it all.  Also, for cheese I use the colby jack since it is both white and yellow.
When you’re ready to assemble the Bacon Bundles, open your cans of refrigerator biscuits.  I prefer the Grands Flakey Layer Biscuits, I’ve tried using low-fat biscuits and they just don’t taste well.  Take the biscuits and cut them in half, because I use the grands I cut the halves into thirds so I can make 6 Bacon Bundles out of one biscuit.  Put one piece of biscuit into each mini muffin tin and smooth the biscuit to cover the muffin cup.  Then spoon a small amount of the inside mixture into each muffin cup. cheese.  You’ll notice that I omitted the tomatoes and basil. I’m just not a fan of diced tomatoes so I opted not to include them or the basil, and I’ve never had any complaints in fact when I tell people about the tomatoes they say they’re glad they are gone.  Once you’ve mixed everything together you can put it in the fridge and make them over the next few days, around the holidays this is how to do it.  For the shower I made it on Thursday night since we would be driving down to someone else’s kitchen on Friday and it worked perfectly.


Cook them as directed on the biscuit package and serve warm.  They will be the hit of any party and you’ll be lucky if there are any left over!





Next up are the Jalapeno Crescent Puffs I found on Pinterest and are up on Tasty Kitchen.


1  4 oz can of sliced and chopped jalapenos

1 8 oz bar of cream cheese

1 Tbsp of sugar

1 can of refrigerator crescent dough

I also made these on Thursday night to cook on Saturday.  Mix the cream cheese, 2/3 of the chopped jalapenos (unless you prefer fresh jalapenos and burning fingers) and the sugar together.  Once you’ve added the sugar be sure to taste test to see if you have the right balance of sweet and spicy.  Remember to take into consideration the longer this sits mixed together, the spicier it will get…I forgot about this and some of mine were quite spicy!

When you are ready to make these, flatten out your dough and cut it into two rectangles.  Then spread your mixture of cream cheese, jalapenos and sugar over the crescent dough and roll up one rectangle at a time like you would to make pinwheels.

Now, I ended up getting the dough already ready for small crescent rounds.  First batch I followed those lines but it made them pretty thick so on the second batch I disregarded them.

Be sure you spray the pan or sheet you are using to cook these because they will stick.  You will then cook them for about 13 minutes on 375.  This was my first time to make these but they seemed to really be a big hit!

To check out the recipe for Quinoa Cups Beth made, click here.

We really had a lot of fun coming up with baby shower food ideas and seemed to pull it all off with success.  We even had a fabulous mimosa bar with sparkling juices.  I never would have thought of sparkling juice but I absolutely fell in love with Sparkling Blood Orange Juice from Central Market!


  1. Mmmm, want more bacon bundles and jalapeno crescent puffs! SO GOOD!


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