Best EVER Guacamole Recipe

Best EVER Guacamole Recipe

There are a few things I should say about this Best EVER Guacamole Recipe.  First, I was really late to the party in terms of guacamole.  Just the site of it grossed me out until a few years ago.  I know, I live in Texas, how can I say that?  Well it wasn’t until a trip I took to Cabo back in ’05 that made me finally appreciate guacamole and now I’m a huge fan.  Second, this is not my recipe.  It maybe a common way to make it, but to me it is my friend Kandice’s recipe.  I hope she doesn’t mind I shared it, but I had a couple of people ask.  (For more great recipes from Kandice check out her new blog!)

Best-EVER-Guacamole-RecipeBest EVER Guacamole Recipe

6 avocados
2 roma tomatoes
1/2 cup red onion
1/2 lemon squeezed
garlic salt, to taste
kosher salt, to taste
pepper, to taste

I should probably interject here that picking out avocados at the grocery store totally stresses me out.  I’m always nervous which I know is silly.  Especially when they are for guacamole!

First I cut up the tomatoes (I remove the seeds), then I cut up the onion.  I love onions so I like to have it in every bite.  I don’t however actually measure out a 1/2 a cup of red onion.  Instead, if the onion is a pretty good size I’ll just chop up half, but if it’s a little small then I’ll do a little over half.



Next, I cut the avocados in half and scoop out the insides.  I do this one at a time so I can mash the avocado as I go because I like it really mushed up.  Once I’ve got all of the avocados smushed I add in the tomatoes and onions and the garlic salt, salt and pepper and really mix it all together.  Once it is mixed up really well I squeeze half a lemon on top.

Every time I’ve made this guacamole it has been well received and quickly disappears.  Thanks again Kandice for share this Best EVER Guacamole Recipe!



  1. Look at you Guacamole Queen! This really is such a great recipe because it’s so easy! Lately I’ve been adding a touch of cumin – try it and see what you think! Thanks for posting this, it’s getting me in the warm weather spirit! :)


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