Born to Be Brad

Born to Be Brad

Before reading Born to Be Brad I had no idea what Brad’s last name was or really who he was.  If I ever saw an episode of the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo it was an accident.  And I certainly had no idea there was a show called It’s a Brad Brad World.  I really only knew who Brad was because of the Kate Spade Instagram feed.  Being that my name is Kate, I am more than a little obsessed with Kate Spade.  Whenever they have a photo event there are always picture of Brad styling the models.


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Born to Be Brad is divided into three parts.  I understand the first part was necessary to build the background for the book but I found it a bit boring and hard to read through.  In fact it took me weeks to get throw the book.  It’s not terrible just not that exciting.

The second part is where the story starts to pick up speed and draw you in and by the third part I was sailing right through it.  Once I got into the second part I started to think Brad’s journey to from a small Canadian town to a stylist for major brands and actors is definitely interesting.

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By the third section I could really relate because Brad was branching out on his own starting his own small business just like me.  So I understand the struggles and worries he encountered.  Even though I don’t have (and don’t to have) video cameras following me around it gave me encouragement that my dreams can come true with lots of hard work and dedication.

Throughout the book Brad gives a variety of tips.  Things like movies, closet essentials, places to dine, etc.  And I have to say the movies he recommended, were right on!  Though there are a few on his list I haven’t seen I’ll have to go watch.

Apparently a new season of “It’s a Brad, Brad World” is about to start on Bravo, so if you’re a big Brad fan you’ll have to be sure to watch.

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Now that I have finished Born to Be Brad, I’m moving on to the books on my list that are becoming movies in 2013.  You can check out that list here.  I think I will start with The Ender’s Game because I’ve already got it.

Have you read Born to Be Brad?  What did you think?


  1. Interesting, I was thinking about reading this too. I loved him on the Rachel Zoe project, but I was glad he got his own show. I think he’s hilarious! I’ll keep his book on my Reading List!

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