Brisket in the Crockpot

Brisket in the Crockpot

Right before Easter my mom asked me if I could make a brisket for Easter lunch.  I said sure, then realized I had no brisket recipe.  I’d made a pot roast in the crockpot but never had I attempted a brisket in any fashion before.

I quickly began scouring the Internet for a recipe.  I’m not the biggest BBQ sauce fan; I think it tends to over power the intended flavor of the meat so I wanted to avoid recipes that included it.  As I searched I noticed that quite a few recipes call for “Liquid Smoke,” which just seemed weird to me so I dedcided to pass on any recipes requiring that element.  Believe it or not those two requirements eliminated most recipes.  But I stumbled upon one that looked really good.

I found the recipe I used on (I’d never heard of this site before), but I think it was a success.

Brisket in the Crockpot:

4 pounds fresh beef brisket
2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons dry mustard
2 teaspons paprika
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

Since we were eating around 1:30 pm and this recipe said to cook the brisket for 8 to 12 hours, I stayed up until midnight to put in the crockpot to let it cook while I slept.

First thing I did was trim off excess fat, man I wish I had better kitchen knives, this was a beating.  Then I measured out the spices and mixed them to use as a rub.  I have now made this brisket twice and the second time I doubled up on the garlic powder.  Once the spices were mixed I rubbed it all over the brisket and then put the meat in with the fat side up.

When I woke up my house smelled delicious and the brisket tasted even better!  I went ahead and took the brisket out.  Then I spooned out most of the jucies into a bowl.  I cut up the brisket placing the pieces back into the warm crockpot.  Once it was all sliced I poured the juices back over it slowly so they would soak in from the top to the bottom.  I love how it just falls apart into shreds because the meat is so tender.

Not much of the 4 pound brisket was left over by the time Easter lunch wrapped up.  So I decided ot try making it again.  Once again I cooked it over night so it would be ready for lunch.  And once again it was a success! 

Then last night for dinner I used some of the left overs to make homemade brisket tacos, and I’m not gonna lie, they were pretty tasty!

Oh, Misty and Nicole for the second go round I used a liner on my crockpot.  I like that…there’s no clean up involved.  Plus I think that my crockpot already has a crack so I kind of need the liners so it doesn’t leak.




  1. good idea omiting the liquid smoke…its fake and nasty. Try Ree Drummonds recipie that calls for dr.pepper!!! Im working my way thru all of her cookbooks right now!!

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