Can Doing Something Twice Make it a Tradition?

Now, remember I’m an Aggie, so I’m big into traditions. . .and maybe it is early to call this a tradition but it sure is fun!

Last year, when I went to Napa, I was greeted with this warm welcome home:

Beth and Brice 1

Beth and Brice 2

So, this year to welcome Beth back to the mainland after her week long journey to Hawaii, Brice came over (hence the reason there was no wine o. Wednesday yesterday, sorry!) and we made signs for Beth. She got home around lunch time today so I didn’t want to leave the signs on the front door, you know for safety reasons. . .happy mom?

Instead we put her signs on the door to her room. . .I think we did a good job. . .and I know she liked them:

Beth's door

I think this could be a fun tradition to carry on. . .watch out Brice, you’re next!


  1. It is a GREAT tradition!!! Maybe we should make signs and tape them to the front door of the Sander’s house for when they get back from the Vallley? 🙂

  2. This is really fun!… God bless you and the other crazy Aggies who think that doing something once (sorry, twice) constitutes a tradition. 🙂
    No wonder you have so many odd ones…
    FYI, I walk on the grass. Just for the hell of it. 🙂

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