Decorating Cookies, Valentine’s Style

Last month I talked about my brother’s favorite Christmas Cookies in my “Christmas Cookie, part 2” post. Well, these cookies can be made for any holiday because cookie cutters come in all shapes and sizes and the icing can be made in any color you want.

Mom wanted to have her friend’s daughters over to decorate Valentine’s cookies and asked Beth and I come over and help her out, so we did. These little girls are so cute. Only 3 of the 4 girls came over and they were hilarious!

After about an hour of decorating cookies we went to the park for a little bit so that they could use up all the energy from their sugar high. It was definitely a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


  1. your mom makes the best cookies
    1) because the icing
    2) because I don’t have to make them
    3) I just get to eat and enjoy

  2. How fun!!! I want to decorate cookies…or eat cookies! :0)


  1. […] weekend while we were decorating cookies with those little girls and getting to know them, one of them said the funniest thing. They were […]

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