Erin Satchel by Fossil

Erin Satchel by Fossil

I have never once fancied myself as stylish or fashionable, in fact I would probably describe myself as anything but.  So, imagine my surprise when I received an email from Fossil saying they wanted me to participate in their style partner program.  I got to choose one of four purses for them to send me.  I was beyond giddy!

Over the years I have owned many fossil watches and bags because their products are great and in my experience always long lasting.  Last but not least, I love that they are a locally based company with their headquarters located in Richardson; just on the other side of town from me.

I decided to pick the Erin Satchel mainly because it was bright red and I’ve been DYING for a red purse.  I bought one a few years ago and it just wasn’t the color I was hoping for in person.  When the Erin Satchel by Fossil showed up at my door the color was 100 times more gorgeous then I could have imagined (the below picture has an Instagram filter on it altering its color).


I immediately switched my things over and loaded up the new purse.  There is so much room inside without it being big and bulky.  Keeping all of your important items organized in this purse is easy because there are so many pockets!


This is probably a more accurate representation of the red shade of this purse, and that outside pocket is my favorite.  I use one for my phone and the one on the other side is great for my keys.   But the pockets don’t stop there.  Inside there are a few more pockets to help keep you organized.  The Erin Satchel is so roomy it can hold your iPad, Kindle or any other tablet you might want to carry around with you.  I also love the versatility offered with the across the body strap and the handles.

I’ve been carrying this purse for about a month now and don’t see any reason to stop.  Plus it doesn’t hurt that every time I am out with it someone tells me how great the purse is.  I’m not sure I’ll ever get tired of the beautiful red color.

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  1. So pretty!!

  2. When in doubt, red is my go-to color too! Love the side pockets and sturdy-looking hardware too. Nice choice!

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