Fall Fun with the Little Dudes

Fall Fun with the Little Dudes

I meant to post this on Friday and since I didn’t maybe I should skip this post but I just can’t!  I want to make the Internet explode with cuteness from all of our fall fun.  You’ve been warned!

A few weeks ago we took my two youngest nephews to the pumpkin patch.  It’s the same pumpkin patch we went to last year and it is a little special because the pumpkin patch is at school where my brother, sister and I attended pre-school.  It’s a big pumpkin patch with lots of photo ops available.

This year my dad came along and handed me one of his fancy shmansy cameras to play around with and we captured some really cute moments.


Fall fun at the pumpkin patch

fall fun at pumpkin patch

fall fun at the pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch fall fun

The following weekend we decided to follow in the tradition of torturing tiny humans, we stuck my littlest nephew in a pumpkin.  We started this “tradition” (it’s happened twice which to me means it’s a tradition) with E when he was almost 4 months old.


E wasn’t a huge fan and we had never put a child in a pumpkin before so we had a few things to learn.  This time around with M it almost went too smooth!  We started out cleaning out pumpkins and carving them.

Fall Fun: Pumpkin Carving

Then we put a baby in a pumpkin:

Fall Fun: Pumpkin Carving

Are these not the cutest 3 dudes you ever did see?

Fall Fun

Here are all the finished pumpkins:

Fall Fun Carved Pumpkins

Now that Fall is officially here and we’re in the month of thankfulness head over to KateOGroup for this free fall decor print:


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