Gone Girl | Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl | Gillian Flynn

Sadly I have not gotten through Gone Girl as quickly as I had hoped which is part of the reason this post is a day late.  I have heard so much talk about Gone Girl that I had some pretty high expectations.  As I began reading I felt like I was forcing my way through the book until I got to about the halfway point.  Then the book takes quite an interesting turn and I was hooked!

At first Gone Girl just seems like a rather uneventful, almost boring story about a wife who goes missing and her lackadaisical husband.  The couple moved from New York City to “Middle America” Missouri a few years ago because Nick’s (the husband) mom gets sick plus both Nick and Amy are unemployed writers.

Once in Missouri they settle into an unhappy place in their marriage and struggle to just get by in their day to day lives.  Nick borrows money from his wife who has been given a large some of money from her parents throughout the years.  But the money Nick borrows to open his bar with his twin sister is the last of her money.  So not only are they unhappy but for the first time ever Amy is experiencing being poor.

It is on their fifth wedding anniversary that Amy disappears and as the investigation deepens more and more signs point to Nick who claims he is innocent.

In my opinion Gone Girl would make a fabulous movie!  Wondering if something along those lines is already in the works.

Now onto the Give Away! This is the third week of the July Blog Give Away.

Here is how to enter to win a paperback copy of Creative Chaos:

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Last week’s winner is Becky!


  1. It didn’t take me quite as long to get into it as you. The formatting of back and forth between the husband and wife really helped me out in that regard! Glad you are liking it and totally agree that it would make a great movie!

  2. Currently, I have not read this book. I recently just finished reading, Change Your Life Not Your Wife and I am looking for a new book to begin.

  3. I liked this book a lot just didn’t love the ending. Read On the Island next, it is SO good and a super quick read!

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