Guest Room Redo

Guest Room Redo

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’ve been working on my guest room redo for the last month or so.  Well, I’m finally ready to show it off.  Here’s a little video so you can see the room all together.  I apologize now for my voice….I hate the sound of my voice.

I’ve been wanting to do something with that picture over the bed for several years but never could figure out where to put it.  When I began to think about how to decorate my guest room I immediately thought of that picture.  I have also had the vase that is on the night stand on the left for years and because I didn’t have anything green anywhere it sat on a shelf hidden.

Here is a before shot of the room.  Pretty much everything had been taken out so all that was left were the bed and one nightstand.

Guest Room Redo Before Shot

Once I knew where I was starting, I went to Home Depot and picked up a few paint options to hold against the photo.  Ultimately I went with a color from Behr called Cabbage Green.  Painting wasn’t all that bad.  I knocked out pretty fast but it did end up taking a little more than I’d originally anticipated.  I went with a paint that had primer in it so that I didn’t have to worry about priming this dark color and then painting; and it worked!

Next up was making the headboard.  I blogged all about how I made the tufted headboard here a little while back.


I picked out the fabric at this store here in town (if you live in the Addison area check out Five Star Fabric on Midway north of Arapaho) and what I picked out was not at all what I’d been originally picturing but I really love how it turned out.  Luckily my sister-in-law was willing to help me with my sewing projects.  We started with the curtains, and let me just say, I hate the way the windows are positioned in the corner.  I went with a cheesy curtain rod from Ikea that would work in that corner.  It is functional but it sure ain’t pretty!  It might have been a weird choice but I decided to just go with two panels and I liked the look of keeping one in the middle.


Then it was time to upcycle the chest of drawers that had been hanging out in my garage for a few years.  I decided to paint it white because I had two white wicker night stands I was going to use then it would tie the furniture together a little better.  I really wanted to get new knobs, and still might one day, but I was going to need so many that it just didn’t seem worth it.   My alternative was to go with a metallic silver spray paint to update them from brass.


When we were making the curtains, I didn’t buy enough liner for two panels and on my trip to pick up more I found a fabric at Joanne’s that I absolutely loved.  It was way over priced because it is an HGTV fabric but I went for it any way because it was on sale.  It seemed like the perfect fabric to cover my lampshades with, so I splurged.  A few years ago my mom got new lamps for her den and I wouldn’t let her throw away her old ones; instead they hung out in my garage on the dresser.

Covering lampshades was tricky.  The original shades were really graduated and I wasn’t going to be able to cover them. I found this great tutorial on Six Sisters (click here) that I followed after buying less graduated lamp shades at Target.  Here is the before and after of the lamps:


Then Tiffany my sister-in-law came over again and helped me make the duvet cover for the bed.  Living in Texas I didn’t think the comforter needed to be too heavy, so I went with one from Ikea.  Did you know you can get a duvet for $10.  Crazy!  Taking pictures of our progress making this was kind of tricky because it had to be so big!  But it turned out perfectly.  The fabric was 54″ wide and the duvet was 88″ so we had to piece together the fabric to get it wide enough and we did a pretty good job, I think.  Instead of one seam up the middle we attached two smaller pieces to either side.  I under estimated the amount of fabric I needed because of this and just got a solid color fabric for the back side.


After we made it we realized that it needed buttons to keep the opening closed.  So I got to learn how to make button holes…I know you’re jealous!  Really, it wasn’t too bad.  I also made those shams…wouldn’t have been so tricky if it weren’t for trying to make the fabric look just right!

Guest Room Redo

Sorry the pic is  a little blurry…but I gave you a video!  I had a blast working on this guest room redo.  I couldn’t have done it without my sister-in-law; next up I think we are going to redo her bedroom.  I was also amazed at how many things I had around the house that worked perfectly!  My biggest expense was fabric.

Now for my next project…


  1. The room looks good! Now isn’t it rewarding to see all your hardwork come together so beautifully. P.S. there is nothing wrong with your voice. You sound like a storyteller. tehehe!

  2. It looks great Kate! I love how it all came together, and I’m pretty impressed that you sewed so much of it yourself! 🙂

  3. SUPER IMPRESSED and I LOVED the VIDEO BLOG!! Can’t wait to sleep there 🙂

  4. Can you help us make headboards now?!?! 🙂 The room looks awwwwesome!!

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