Haaaappy Biiiirthday, Kate!!

Haaaappy Biiiirthday, Kate!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATE!! In honor of Kate’s birthday, I (Beth) have taken over her blog today. Kate needs a proper shoutout on here without having to write it herself. And in honor of her birthday I would like to share 10 things I like/love/want to share about Kate, Katers, Kady Lady with you:

10. There was that one time she went missing on New Year’s Eve and I drove all over looking for her and even called the police station to see if she had been arrested (you’ll have to ask her where she really was 🙂 ).

9. We get to see each other pretty much all day every day since we live together and work in the same office!

8. She keeps the house stocked with wine!!

7. I love her for growing out of Barbie’s and passing on a sweet collection to me when we were little (see the sweet dream house behind us).

6. She’s always available via facebook, gchat, twitter, BBM or text if you need her….well, except for that one time on New Year’s Eve 🙂

5. She made my website for me and so graciously helps me out A TON with it – www.lifesafont.com

4. I love that she’s having another cool birthday party this year!

3. Growing up we spent A LOT of time with our boy cousins on our mom’s side of the family….we lived in the same neighborhood for awhile and all attended the same school…..Kate was always my allie and bestie. 🙂

2. Because it was probably her idea – one time all 3 of us kids thought we were going to be in trouble (a.k.a. be spanked) with our parents so we all put on multiple pairs of underwear and multiple pairs of shorts before going downstairs to face our punishment….but it turned out we weren’t in trouble at all!

1. Because she didn’t kill me that one time when I gave a guy her phone number because I didn’t want to give him mine and he called her like 3 nights in a row at 1 or 2 a.m. (For the record….I’m still sorry, but I also still find it hilarious!! 🙂 )

Happy Birthday again!! You are the best and my favorite sister!! Love you!

Beth or Beeper 🙂


  1. Hope you don’t hate me for post a naked bathtub picture of us! 🙂

  2. Cute pics! Hope you have a great day Kate!

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