How Lucky You Are | Kristyn Kusek Lewis

How Lucky You Are | Kristyn Kusek Lewis

I wrapped up 2013 with a book that I loved, Lucky by Kristyn Kusek Lewis. It is the story of three long time female friends who are each struggling with something they are embarrassed to share with the others.  I won’t tell you how it ends, but I loved how everything came together.


I thought Kristyn Kusek Lewis did a fantastic job of portraying the complicated minds and relationships of women. I was shocked when I stumbled upon a few of her reviews that were negative; but I guess you can’t connect with every reader.  I found her characters to be very relatable.  Maybe because its because I am a small business owner I can relate to Waverly, the main character who narrates the story; or maybe it is because I too have relationships that span back to my childhood.  It also didn’t hurt that one of the women was named Kate; I’m kind of partial to that one!

I found the struggles these women went through to be realistic.  Any long term relationship is going to go through it’s fair share of ups, downs and changes.  Often it is the friends that have known you the longest that it is hardest to be honest with because they are the ones who can see how you’ve changed.

Sorry, got a little deep on this one.  It’s not all serious I promise, these ladies do have some fun.  Plus Lewis’ writing style is easy to follow along. It did start out a little slow but once it got going I was hooked and couldn’t put it down.  In fact I was a little sad when the book ended and I had to say goodbye to Waverly, Kate and Amy.  I know I didn’t mention Amy and that is only because I thought I was getting a little to wordy on this review.

Go read How Lucky You Are | Kristyn Kusek Lewis and let me know what you think?  I wanna hear if you can relate or if this book wasn’t your cup of tea.



  1. I want to read it now after reading this! Adding it to my list on goodreads. Thaaanks!

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