Hungry Girl Creamy Salsa Chicken Rollups

Hungry Girl Creamy Salsa Chicken Rollups

I have to confess that to me about 90% of Hungry Girl’s recipes in her emails lately have been desserts so I’ve been barely skimming the emails before deleting them, but for some reason last week I decided to really go through the email and found this recipe for Creamy Salsa Chicken Rollups.

These Creamy Salsa Chicken Rollups were super easy and super delicious! I went ahead and made an extra one to see how it heated up later in the week (that will be lunch tomorrow so I’ll have to update once I’ve tried it).

The Creamy Salsa Chicken Rollups’ ingredients are simple:

Two 5-oz. raw boneless skinless chicken cutlets
2 wedges The Laughing Cow Light Creamy Swiss cheese
1/4 cup thick salsa
Optional: salt and black pepper

Set oven to 350 degrees; total cook time 35 min

After cleaning the chicken and cutting off all the gross stuff (you know that white stuff that I don’t really want to think about what it is!) you have to pound the chicken so that it’s 1/2″ thick.  Now I don’t have a meat cleaver or whatever you are probably supposed to use.   So I got creative.  I wrapped 1 chicken breast at a time in seran wrap and then pulled out my rolling pin and began to pound the chicken.  Then I unwrapped it, laid the flattened chicken breast on a plate and repeated the process with each breast until they were all flattened.  This is probably the most time consuming part of preparing the Creamy Salsa Chicken Rollups.

Once all the chicken breasts are flattened then you take 1 laughing cow wedge per breast and spread it out covering the top of the breast, do this to each breast.  I know the ingredients call for 1/4 cup of salsa, but since I was preparing 3 breasts I actually did 2 Tablespoons of Mateo’s Salsa per chicken breast.  I’m not sure this qualifies as thick salsa, but it’s pretty close.

Here is where I got creative.  I had some of the diced jalapenos left over from the Jalapeno Crescent puffs I mentioned yesterday, so I decided to sprinkle some on top of each breast.  Then, because I had it, I added a little cilantro to each breast.

See, the salsa is thick but it still ran off the breasts a little bit.  Once I had each layer assembled, I rolled the chicken breasts up and used a toothpick to secure them.  Some of the salsa did fall out but I just stuffed it back in.  I placed each rolled up chicken breast into a pan I sprayed so that the chicken wouldn’t stick.

At this point you add pepper and salt to taste, but I decided to add a little onion and garlic powder as well.

Then cover your dish with foil and cook it for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, uncover it and let it cook another 15 minutes.  After that pull it out and it is ready to eat!

Now I know that this chicken really doesn’t look all that pretty because all of the goodness is inside of it, but it tastes really good! And because the Creamy Salsa Chicken Rollups recipe comes from Hungry Girl, you know it is low calorie.  Each breast is approximately 200 calories.



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