I Wouldn’t Call Myself OCD, except. . .

when I start playing MahJong, ever played? Once I start it is so hard to actually cut myself off. I’ll think to myself, I have some time to kill, I’ll play a game of MahJong. . .then it turns into 3 games or 4 games. . .yikes!

It is almost impossible for me to stop playing in the middle of a game; I have to lose before I can quite. Although, can one actually win at MahJong? I have never even come close.

Inevitably, whenever I am ready to throw the towel in, no matter how hard I try I can’t lose! What the heck is that all about?

Anyway, in the first episode of Flipping Out, season 3, I completely understood when Jeff’s new intern talked about his obsession with checkers.

[media id=8]

Sorry the sound is so bad, but that’s all I could find. . .enjoy!


  1. this might be one of my favorite clips of reality tv all year! i burst out laughing when i saw it… LOVE THAT

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