It’s Beeper’s Birfday!

No her name isn’t really Beeper but that’s what I’ve been calling her for the last 26 years or so and she LOVES it!

(She’s the one on the right. . .that’s for you Brett since you say I don’t always specify who is who!)

Sorry for no wine o. Wednesday, but it isn’t everyday my little sister has a birthday. . .although in all honesty I almost feel like it was my birthday too! Just kidding. . . wait, not really. . .

I remember 26 years ago when Beth was brought home from the hospital. . .we had just moved into a new house and it had an upstairs. . .I remember the upstairs more than I do Beth coming home. . .but can you blame me? I was only 3, how much are you supposed to remember from when you were three?

One of the things that makes me laugh the most about having Beth as a sister is, that even though we really are closer to 4 years apart. . .(that’s right the big 3-Oh is just 2 months away!) everyone seems to think she is older than I am. We love to quiz new acquaintances on this and always get a good laugh!

Here’s a random collection of digital pictures I could quickly get to to share with you. . .

This was my 5th birthday (you can see me in the background clinging to the side of the pool), Beth would have been 2 and needed Dad to keep her afloat.

This was my absolute FAVORITE dress up outfit, I’m not really sure what made mom decide to buy it for me but I wore it all the time and apparently would only share half of it with Beth. I guess I liked the skirt best!

This one was just too darn cute to not include, I like how the bucket is the same size Beth is but she was still determined to help Dad wash the van.

Yes I realize I just fast forwarded about 20 years. . .but it’s a cute picture!

Happy Birthday Beeper, I hope you’ve had a fun day!!


  1. Haha Oh my God! I am Miss Modesty in that picture of us with the dress up outfit…well in regard to covering up my chest. haha

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