Jalapeno Sausage Balls

Jalapeno Sausage Balls

While there is nothing groundbreaking about my Jalapeno Sausage Balls Recipe, they are most definitely delicious!  We got together and had a pot luck Cinco de Mayo brunch.  And because of my egg allergy, I wanted to fix an egg free dish.  I decided to make sausage balls, but realized they weren’t really Cinco de Mayo-ish, then it hit me…I should add jalapeno!



I intended to put both jalapenos in the recipe but after finely dicing one I realized that was plenty for this particular recipe.  Rather then just use the jalapenos as a splash of fun color, I left in half the membrane when I diced the pepper.  I did remove all the seeds because I thought they would be out of place.

Jalapeno-Sausage-Balls-Title-ImageJalapeno Sausage Balls

2 C Bisquick or other biscuit dough mix
1 lb pork sausage
1 lb cheddar cheese
1 jalapeno

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  With this recipe you’re going to have to get down and dirty and stick your hands into the bowl to really get it all to mix together just right!  I added all of the above ingredients minus the cheese because we had a few people at brunch that don’t eat cheese.  After making 8 cheeseless sausage balls I mixed in a little less than the full pound of cheddar cheese.

Let me just take a minute to say, sausage balls without cheese do not look pretty or stay together well.  So if you attempt this, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I rolled the mixture into 1″ balls and placed on an ungreased baking sheet.  The sausage creates enough grease that there is no way these will stick to the pan.  Well, okay maybe they could if you over cook them.

Place the jalapeno sausage balls about an inch apart.  I didn’t and they ended up expanding into each other so I had to separate them.


Cook these for 20-25 minutes or a little longer depending on your oven and serve.  Jalapeno Sausage Balls are great for a super bowl party, football watching  gathering, baby showers, wedding showers or really anytime.  You can even freeze them prior to cooking so that you can just pull out a few at a time if you’d prefer.  Like I said there is nothing revolutionary about this recipe but they sure were good! 



  1. Is the amount of cheese correct? 1 lb. shredded cheese? That seems like an awful lot of cheese. I haven’t seen them with jalapenos before. I am going to try them, I LOVE SPICY!!!

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