Kozy Kitchen

Kozy Kitchen

Last week, we had another Brown Bag Wine night (I’ll talk about the wines tomorrow) and headed to Kozy’s.  If you ever been to Knox Street Pub off McKinney, you’ve probably seen this bright green and purple building and like me wondered what it was.  

After looking at the website, I thought surely they have more food than that?  They did have a few more things, but not many.  Though that doesn’t mean what they have isn’t delicious.  Kozy’s offers grass fed proteins (beef and buffalo) as well as Gluten Free breads.

We were a little early and hungry so we ordered a few appetizers.  Beth got the “Chips and Stuff” that included: salsa, black bean dip and guacamole.  The salsa was good, the black bean dip was ok (I like Gloria’s better) and the guacamole was interesting.  It was very citrusy with quite a bit of lemon juice and also had blue cheese in it which was an odd twist.

I ordered the Baked Brie, it was one of their weekly specials.  And doesn’t it look pretty (to the left)?  This dish included ricotta, homemade marinara and was topped with Brie.  It was served with gluten free bread.  I thought the Baked Brie was delicious and was an interesting combination; the gluten free bread, was gross…sorry?  I really wanted to like it, but it was just so bland and flimsy. 

For dinner, I went with the Buffalo Burger (regular bun, couldn’t do gluten free again).  I can’t recall ever having buffalo before, but this was probably one of the best burgers I’ve ever had!  The patty was peppery and very moist; I ordered it with feta a great combination.  It came with vegetables and potato mash (or mashed potatoes), but after the two appetizers I was way too stuffed for the sides.

Justin, who sat next to me ordered the buffalo tacos that looked really good.  I’ll have to try them out next time!





My sister ordered the Seafood Diablo.  Of course it wasn’t my cup of tea because it was full of shrimp and scallops but she quite enjoyed it.  It was served over a bed of risotto.


If you’re looking for a great BYOB in the Dallas area go to Kozy’s.  If you’re looking for a great healthy dinner, go to Kozy’s.  Get the hint? If you haven’t been to Kozy’s yet, you need to go!


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