Mustache Fun Baby Shower

Mustache Fun Baby Shower

I was nervous when the mustache trend started that I wouldn’t ever get to throw a mustache themed party of some sort.  I don’t know why I find mustaches to be so fun, but I do!  When we found out another little dude would be added to our family, I realized this was the opportunity I’d been waiting for and fortunately no one had any objections.

This past weekend we celebrated my sister and my soon-to-be born nephew with some mustache fun.  It all started with the invitation:

Hipster Mustache Oh Boy Baby Shower Invitation(No this isn’t the actual invitation, didn’t want to give out someones address on the internet and all)

There were 7 of us throwing the shower so it was pretty easy to get everything taken care of, without too much stress for anyone, I hope!  For the invitation I started with the nursery colors, grey, yellow and blues.  Because it was an afternoon shower we didn’t really do breakfast foods but finger foods and of course a mimosa bar!

I wanted to make a diaper cake for the shower. I know these days they are kind of old school, but I didn’t care!  I started with a bottle of champagne for the center and then with my sister-in-law’s help we started wrapping diapers around the bottle to create 3 tiers then we decorated.  The cake needed a “topper,” so my sister-in-law made a pair of shoes for the little guy with mustache fabric.  (She is SUPER talented, be sure and check out her Etsy shop to see all of the awesome things she makes!)  Here’s the finish product:

Mustache Diaper Cake


I think it turned out great, but of course I’m a little biased!  Here are a few more shots from the shower:

Baby Shower Mimosa Bar


I love this bunting that one of the hostess made.  It added a lot of fun and color to the shower.  The idea for the labels on the mason jar glasses came from a display at Michael’s.  I wish I could claim the creativity behind it but I can’t.   We had a variety of juices to mix with champagne along with sparkling grape juice, tea and bottled water for the guests to choose from.

Mustache Baby Shower Thank You Gifts

These were our little Thank You gifts for everyone to take.  My sister-in-law, Tiffany, sewed these cute little bags with mustache fabric and then put a mini bottle of wine in each.  They turned out so cute!  We used my party circles for tags and she stamped Thank You on the back of each one.  Tiffany also made the super cute ABC blocks.

Mustache Cupcake Toppers

Here are the party circles being used in a different way, as cupcake toppers.  I think I went a little crazy with the icing and added too much yellow food coloring; they were almost neon yellow.

I didn’t take a picture of all the food, and I totally meant to.  I made Bacon Bundles (that’s what you see in the upper right hand corner above and the recipe can be found here).  I also made Guacamole Bruschetta, which has become my new favorite but I’ll have to share that recipe another time.

We’ve still got a few more months before the little dude makes his arrival, but I think it’s so fun that besides his two awesome cousins, he already has 3 best friends just waiting for him to get here:


How fun is that!  The oldest will not quite be a year when he arrives.

It was so fun celebrating my future nephew and I’m so glad we got to throw a mustache themed baby shower before the trend disappeared!  Now if the little dude would hurry up and get here, I can’t wait to meet him!

Be sure to visit my Etsy shop to check out the rest of the items I designed for the Mustache Shower!


  1. The mustache theme was too cute! I love it!!! Congrats to Beth and Mr. H!!!

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