Park Tavern at The Shops at Park Lane

Park Tavern at The Shops at Park Lane

November 1st, I attended the I Live in Dallas 1st Ever Dallas Culture Buffs, Critics & Fanatics Bash at Park Tavern at The Shops at Park Lane and I absolutely loved the restaurant.  We were out on the patio for Happy Hour but decided to order some food.  The food was great, the patio was great and the drinks were great. Although before we ever ordered food, I knew this was a place I wanted to come back to; I just loved the atmosphere.

Park-Tavern-Mac-of-the-dayThis first trip I decided to try the “Daily Mac,” it was loaded with bacon, chicken and cheese.  It was good but not the best mac I’d ever had.  The cheese was overly runny and didn’t stick to the pasta and ended up at the bottom of the bowl.  All in all it didn’t seem like Mac and Cheese just more like pasta with a cheese sauce.  I have to admit when something is labeled Mac and Cheese my expectations are pretty high before the dish is served.  Had I simply ordered pasta with a cheese sauce, this would have been great!

My friend ordered the Street Tacos and did a variety, in fact, she got to have one of each.  This dish is HUGE!  Not only did it include four tacos but it also came with a huge bowl of beans and rice.  She raved about the tacos and I have to admit I really liked the one I tried, I just can’t remember which one that was.



Finally I made it back to Park Tavern at The Shops at Park Lane, only this time it was for lunch.  I got there before my friend and was pleasantly surprised that I received a special offer for up to $15 off our food.  Needless to say, once again my love for this restaurant was renewed.

Like many places around town, Park Tavern boasts their extensive beer selection, I saw the tap for the Deep Ellum Brewery IPA and took a chance and asked if there were any other Deep Ellum beers on tap.  I keep meaning to head down to the brewery but have yet to actually make it there.  To my surprise they did have the Deep Ellum seasonal beer that happened to be Festivus.  It was good even though I’m not a dark beer fan.

While I waited for my friend to arrive I decided to order an appetizer and settled on the Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.

Park-Tavern-HummusThe hummus was delicious, I love that it was served with those giant cucumber slices and the crackers that came with it were great.  We didn’t eat it all because it was so much!

Park-Tavern-Jalapeno-Mac-n-CheeseFor lunch I ordered the Smoked Chicken Sandwich.  It came with melted Brie and caramelized onions that both added an unexpected sweetness to the sandwich that was a nice compliment to the bacon and smoked chicken.  The huge sandwich was a little messy but it didn’t matter, it was delicious.

Instead of the accompanying side of fries, I decided to give the Jalapeno Mac and Cheese a try as my side.  It was awesome!  The jalapenos actually added a nice kick instead of just being a filler in the dish, which I loved!  And unlike the mac and cheese I’d had before the cheese in this dish clung to the noodles and it was better then I ever would’ve imagined.

Park-Tavern-Grilled-CheeseMy friend ordered the Foot Long Grilled Cheese sandwich, minus the egg just like I would have ordered it if I’d gotten it.  Last time I was at Park Tavern someone ordered this, but with the egg and it looked delicious.  I should have tried it but I was so overwhelmed with the size of my food.  But my friend said this was delicious.

No dessert for us today, but that just gives me an excuse to head back to Park Tavern at The Shops at Park Lane!

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