Photo Friday 33

Photo Friday 33

This week’s Instagram, photo a day challenge:

August 11th – Day 224










Day 11 – purple

I had every intention of painting my finger nails with this today for my cousin’s baby shower, but I ran out of time!

August 12th – Day 225










Day 12 – spoon

The best kind of spoon is one covered in peanut butter!

August 13th – Day 226










Day 13 – simple

This simple meal was very delicious!


August 14th – Day 227










Day 14 – arrow

This is the only arrow I noticed and I’m not even sure this counts as an arrow?


August 15th – Day 228










Day 15 – ready

This bottle, like all of our Culligan bottles these days, look like they are ready to tip over.


August 16th – Day 229










Day 16 – food

The food I fixed for dinner tonight got the seal of approval from this cutie who kept asking for more!


August 17th – Day 230










Day 17 – faces

Two of my favorite faces!


  1. Peanit butter on a spoon. Agree 100%. Heading to the kitchen to have one now. Thanks Kate.

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