Photo Friday 4

Photo Friday 4

Jan 21st – Day 21










Saturday I was at Hacienda on Henderson for a birthday dinner and a movie was being filmed there.  See the guy in the picture above, I tried googling him and looking him up on IMDB; no luck!  Supposedly he is or was on the Lying Game but I couldn’t find any proof.


Jan 22nd – Day 22










It had been over 3 weeks since I had last seen my nephews.  So I had a blast hanging out with them Sunday afternoon.  E has gotten so big, and W still doesn’t like to have his picture taken so the silly face was the best I could get!

Jan 23rd – Day 23










Monday night I was determined to finish reading “The Marriage Plot” by Jeffrey Eugenides that I forced myself to sit and finish it.  Now I can say I’ve read it and won’t ever recommend it to anyone, see Monday’s post!


Jan 24th – Day 24










I had no idea that Starbucks did Valentine’s cups, but how cute is this one! Now if only the Cup Magic App was up to date!


Jan 25th – Day 25










Going to a Scentsy party was fun and dangerous…I walked away ordering way more than I probably should have, but I can’t wait for my new scents to arrive!


Jan 26th – Day 26










I love my new business cards so much I can’t wait to hand them out!


Jan 27th – Day 27










Borrowing this from yesterday.  Last night I finally made it to Del Frisco’s Grille and tried the Apt 5D martini that was delicious.  Look for a review coming next week!


  1. Ohhhh I think I know that guy in your picture from Day 21. I’ll get you a name!

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