Photo Friday 51

Photo Friday 51

This week’s Instagram, photo a day challenge:

December 15th – Day 350











Day 15 – outdoors

Enjoying a fire in the outdoors.


December 16th – Day 351











Day 16 – something you made

I made this Italian Chicken Soup from the Pioneer Woman because it is so good!

December 17th – Day 352











Day 17 – on the floor

Bailey is my shadow on the floor.


December 18th – Day 353











Day 18 – makes you feel merry

Seeing my Christmas cards on display makes me merry.


December 19th -Day 354











Day 19 – something beginning with “s”

Apple Cider Sangria from How Sweet Eats is delicious


December 20th – Day 355










Day 20 – weather

Miss Bailey loved the weather so much she didn’t want to go inside!


December 21st – Day 356











Day 21 – tree

Finally got presents wrapped and under the tree.

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