Photo Friday 8

Photo Friday 8

This week’s Instagram, photo a day challenge:

Feb 18th – Day 49










Day 18 – drink

After venturing out in the pouring down rain, I had no interest in leaving the house again to go somewhere for a fun or pretty drink. Instead I opted for wine in one of my favorite glasses. This is a Kate Spade wine glass that I don’t use enough; but when I do it makes me SO happy!


Feb 19th – Day 50










Day 19 – something you hate to do

I like having long hair, but I HATE having to blow it dry, but sadly I have to if I want it to at all look normal.

Feb 20th – Day 51










Day 20 – handwriting

This is my handwriting from a few years ago (I’m afraid with how much typing and how little writing I do it’s getting really bad). I have been working on a project, though I set it aside a few years ago after no success, but I have decided it is time to revisit my dream of having the Chick lit book I wrote about a scrapbooker published. Stay tuned, I hope to have some exciting news very soon! If you want to read the synopsis, click here.


Feb 21st – Day 52










Day 21 – a fave photo of you

I absolutely loved this outfit when I was little. I wore it all the time. Though technically it wasn’t an “outfit” it was more like an under outfit; a camisole and slip thing. I could wear both pieces, or just the skirt as a strapless dress, as I did here so I could share the outfit with my little sister.


Feb 22nd – Day 53










Day 22 – where you work

There just isn’t a whole lot to say about where I work, there’s nothing exciting about it other than it’s some what amusing there is a video camera positioned to watch me despite the fact that I do not deal with anything I could steal…jealous?


Feb 23rd – Day 54










Day 23 – your shoes – I am a total flip flop girl.  I would wear them everyday if I could!  Fortunately in Texas I can wear them more days then not. I tend to wear Reefs; I got hooked on them a few years ago and have been wareing them ever since.


Feb 24th – Day 55










Day 24 – inside your bathroom cabinet – not sure how this is interesting or why anyone wants to see inside my bathroom cabinet.  But here is a photo of it anyway!


  1. I LOVE those Kate Spade glasses! I have a gorgeous polka-dot, round crystal vase from KS… and just remembered that I have zero idea where it is. Hm.

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