Providence by Jamie McGuire

Providence by Jamie McGuire

Providence by Jamie McGuire is the book that derailed me from my Summer Reading List.  But I didn’t mind!  A friend of mine bought this book on her Kindle and shared it with me.

Providence by Jamie McGuire is the first book in a trilogy about Nina and Jared.

Nina is a student a Brown University who was also raised in Providence.  At the opening of the book Nina’s father dies and her life begins to unravel in ways she could have never imagined after she meets Jared.

The story line was quite interesting to me.  In fact it made me stop and think that this is what writing is about; using your imagination and seeing where it will lead you.

In Providence Jamie McGuire does include some romance but this is definitely not a chicklit.  At first I was thinking it was a mystery, but I’m not sure it can really be classified that way either.

There are some similarities to Twilight in this story (but I can’t really expand on that because I’d give away the story), but I didn’t see it as mimicking Twilight by any means.

Providence by Jamie McGuire is an easy read; in fact I found myself dying to find out what was going to happen next and read it just over 24 hours.  I am interested to see where McGuire takes the story in books 2 and 3 of the series and will probably read book 2 here soon because my friend already loaned it to me (thanks Melissa!).

I’ve heard great things about Jamie McGuire’s book Beautiful Disaster but haven’t read it yet; though it has made it’s way onto my “To Read” list over on Goodreads.

Providence by Jamie McGuire is available in the Kindle store for $2.99 or you can get the whole trilogy for $7.99, so go and download it!  McGuire is also a self-published author so after you read it be sure to give her a review  (These reviews help our books rank higher on Amazon, which means more people will come across it.)  You can find out more about Jamie McGuire over on her blog.

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