Revisiting an Old Favorite

I always wonder, would I rewatch a TV series if I owned it on DVD? And the answer is in fact yes. I don’t do it often or with many shows. There are only two shows that I seem to rewatch on DVD, even though I own quite a few.

Those two shows are Felicity and Gilmore Girls.

Felicity started my sophomore year of college and I was fan from the beginning, the only problem was the WB was no longer available in College Station my last semester, so I stopped watching it and had to wait to finish the series until it was available on DVD.


I’m not 100% sure why I love this show, but for some reason I do! Despite the fact that my brother always refers to it as “feelin’ sh*tty”. . .I can understand he thoughts because it definitely seems more female focused.

Probably the fact that I was in college and this show was based on a group of college friends I could relate. Though fortunately I didn’t have to experience a roommate like Megan, but would have been highly entertained by Sean. But my main reason for liking this show most was because I wish I had done something as elaborate as move across the country and try out a new place instead of just staying in Texas.

I started rewatching Felicity last weekend and have been really enjoying it. I seemed to forget most of the details of the story line but they are slowly coming back to me as I watch. Ever since her days on the Mickey Mouse Club I have been a Keri Russell fan. I think that is what initially drew me to the show, since her character was the focus.

J.J. Abrams created this show which I think is somewhat ironic because he moved on to Alias, Lost, Fringe and Star Trek the movie. Though, in watching his other shows I am impressed at his loyalty and the way he seems to have brought many actors and actresses along with him from project to project.

So. . .if you’ve been wondering, that’s what I have been up to in a lot of my spare time. And I am still (even though the show has ended and been finished for years) rooting for Ben over Noel. . .


I miss the good old days of the WB, Felicity, Dawson’s Creek and Gilmore Girls. . .the CW dramas just aren’t the same.


  1. i heart felicity!

  2. i only heart felicity’s hair (the curly style)… that butch, boy-cut just KILLED the series for me…

    but i would still re-watch Dawson’s Creek… if Katie Holmes didn’t have such a crooked smile… weird to think about it now… what if Tom Cruise had just shown up on the Creek and Dawson had to compete with him? Now THAT would have been good tv…

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