Spicy Crockpot Whole Chicken

Spicy Crockpot Whole Chicken

Spicy Crockpot Whole Chicken is an easy and clean recipe I  found on Pinterest but it comes from Food.com.  Because the first whole chicken I cooked in the crockpot was so easy (check it out here) and tasty I knew I’d love this one!  It’s spicy, how could I not?Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Spicy-Crockpot-Whole-Chicken-CookedSpicy Crockpot Whole Chicken

2 tsp Salt
2 tsp Paprika
1 tsp Cayenne Pepper
1 tsp Onion Powder
1 tsp Thyme
1 tsp Pepper
1 tsp Garlic Powder
Whole Roasting Chicken

The original recipe suggests combing all of the spices and rubbing them on the chicken and letting it marinade over night in the rub.  I however am never that prepared.  So the three times I’ve made this chicken I just coat the chicken with the rub right before I put it in the crockpot and it still tastes great!

To make this Spicy Crockpot Whole Chicken you have to start by removing all the junk from inside the chicken.  Once that’s finished the rest of the preparation is a breeze.  I slice the onion and place it along the bottom of the crockpot.
Spicy-Crockpot-Whole-Chicken-Fone Then measure out all of the spices and mix them together.  I like to begin applying the rub to the bottom of the chicken first so that once it is covered it can be placed into the crockpot.  Then I make sure the rest of the chicken is coated with the spice mixture.  I used every last bit of it!  The paprika is what gives it the nice color.

Next you just place the lid on top and set the crockpot to low and set the timer for 4 hours.  If you need to you can let it cook for up to 8 hours; I’ve just never left a whole chicken in the crockpot for that long.

Once the Spicy Crockpot Whole Chicken is finished cooking pull it out and let it sit for a few minutes so that it is easier to handle while cutting.  I start cutting on the bottom of the chicken because that is where the white meat is and I’m not a big fan of the dark meat.  The meat isn’t really that spicy, but rather it has just a nice little hint of spice to it.  


When I first cooked the chicken I ate it on its own with some veggies as a side, but with the left overs I added it to pasta and to soup.  This was nice addition to chicken noodle soup because of the spice used in the rub.

This Spicy Crockpot Whole Chicken is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and it is both easy and clean!



  1. I don’t like by starting with the remove all the junk part. IF I make this Brent will have to do that part! Haha

  2. So are you cooking it breast side down or up?

    • I always put the chicken in breast side up so the legs are on top. Good luck, hope you enjoy it!

      • Hollis Bernstein :

        I’m a little confused. Typically, you cook fowl breast side up. The wings are folded back and serve to balance the bird. The legs are then tied together if need be. In your pictures you have the chicken breast side down. I’m not sure if it matters.

        • To be honest I didn’t think about it, I just threw the whole chicken in the crockpot and let it cook.

        • A lot of people do breast up. However some people (including myself) do “ass” up. Reason being is all the juices flow down and keeps the meat juicy. Only thing is when it’s time to cut, the meaty side is on the bottom. Luckily almost anything put in the crockpot comes out moist!!!!!!

  3. So you dont need to add any liquid to the crock pot? How well do u think this will work for Cornish game hens ? Love this idea

    • Kate O. Lynch :


      I don’t put any liquid in the crockpot. The chicken makes enough juice to keep it from sticking. I honestly can’t say if this would work the same for a Cornish Game Hen, I have never cooked one. But if you can roast a Cornish Game Hen like you do a chicken I would think this method would work. If you try it, let me know!

    • Hollis mosier :

      Hi. I do Cornish games hens in my crock pot. It works well. Follow the directions. I usually fit 3 in my large crock pot. I even start my hens frozen on high for 4 hours then turn down if I am home or leave up if not home. It is not recommended to put frozen meat in the crock pot though.(I have never had a problem though and do it all the time). Enjoy

  4. Does the skin get crispy or is there too much juice in the crockpot for that?

    • Kate O. Lynch :

      The skin doesn’t get crispy in the crockpot, but you could probably put in the oven for a few minutes to crisp up the skin.

  5. How big of a chicken will cook in 4 hrs?

  6. I’m in the process of making this recipe tonight. Thanks to the previous commenters too.
    I’m really looking forward to serving this spicy crockpot chicken to my family.

  7. I made this for our Easter dinner today and my family loved it! It’s so simple and delicious. Will be making this again and again! : )

  8. Have you ever used smoked paprika?

    • Kate O. Lynch :

      I’ve never used smoked paprika. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in the store. If you prefer that to regular paprika I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. In my opinion the paprika is mainly for the extra color it adds to the outside and don’t really do anything for the taste.

      • I’m making this today….and I’ll be using smoked paprika. I’m also using fresh thyme from my garden. Will let you know how it turns out!

  9. How big of a crockpot did you use? I have a round one,not an oval one.

    • Kate O. Lynch :

      My crockpot is a 6 quart oval crock pot and there is a lot of extra room when the chicken is inside of it.

  10. Jakia McDonald :

    Can I skin the chicken for this recipe?

  11. ok I just love you for posting this! I made it today and doing the happy crockpot chicken dance! I had it on a lot longer than you suggested because I had to work and it turned out great. I didn’t add the cayenne because I didn’t have any and I put in dehydrated onions and it worked just fine! Thank you!

    • Shelly, so glad you found this recipe and that it worked out great for you! I love it and make it often. Glad to know dehydrated onions do the trick if I’m ever in a bind!

  12. Do you put butter under the skin of the chicken because people always tell me to do that but I’m not sure if they mean before I cook the chicken or after?

    • Anna,

      I don’t put butter under the skin when I cook the chicken in the crockpot. I would if I were roasting it in the oven and I’d put it under the skin before I started roasting it. I make a compound butter for my turkey every year that I mix herbs into softened butter I rub under the skin, adds an amazing flavor!

  13. well I’m about to prepair your Delish Spicy whole Chicken, hope my family Enjoys it

  14. Thanks for the recipe. Did you take the skin off the chicken first? I can’t tell from the picture, thanks!!

  15. One trick I use to keep the chicken from sitting in the liquid is to make 3-4 balls from aluminum foil and sit the chicken on them. Sometimes I add a small amount of Apple juice to the bottom of the crock pot.

  16. can you use this recipe with a whole frozen chicken?

    • Kate O. Lynch :

      Chelsea, I’ve never tried a frozen whole chicken so I’m not sure? Honestly I’ve never put anything frozen in my crockpot.

      • I always put the chickens in frozen… They only thaw for about eight hours in the fridge overnight before I pop them in the crock in the morning. Thaws just enough to take the wrapper off and the parts out of the cavity. Then I cut an apple and shove it in the cavity and voila! 8 hours on low and dinner is done. I’d say 2/3 of what I put in my crock pot is frozen when I do. I’m not much of a planner 😉

  17. I am going to try this with chicken thighs and legs and see if that will work also lot of great ideas here

  18. Trying this now with potato and carrots in crock pot too

    • How did it turn out?

      • Chelsea Black :

        Thank you for this recipe. I’ve used it several times and every time I’ve set the chicken on a bed of cut up potatoes and baby carrots. Surprisingly, once the chicken is done the potatoes and the carrots are still a bit ‘al dente’ for my taste but the flavor is delicious. I could probably saute the vegetables a bit longer but typically I’m lazy and don’t. Today I’m trying this in my roaster oven with two chickens side by side for Father’s Day dinner tonight. Hoping it works out as well it does in the crock pot.

  19. I made this chicken last night – plus I added ~ 4-6oz beer to the chicken. IT WAS AMAZING! flavorful and spicy and the beer broth was delicious for spooning over the chicken and the roasted sweet potatoes and brussels I had with it. Thanks for sharing this recipe

  20. Thia is in my crockpot now. My whole house smells delicious!

  21. Thank you for the rub recipe. I added homemade honey wheat beer to it too. I’ll let ya know in 8 hours.

  22. Just made this tonight and we loved it! We did alter the recipe a tad by mixing the seasonings with a little bit of olive oil before rubbing it on (and adding a chopped yellow onion to the cavity). Will be making again soon!!! Thanks for the recipe!

  23. I rub mine with olive oil and the spices. You can also add 2-3 celery ribs cut in half. I quarter the onion and also throw in some baby carrots. When it is done you also have a great stock.

    Don’t forget to save the carcass to make bone broth in the crock pot later. Yum!

  24. Thanks for th crockpot idea! I love cooking
    In the crockpot because it’s so easy! I love the seasoning
    Combination and so does my wife! We will make this again for sure!

  25. Terri McKenzie :

    I have this in my crockpot now, can’t wait to try it! Thanks for posting it.

  26. I’ve got 2 picky teens who will pick this chicken clean every time I cook it, we NEVER have left overs of this EVER and they will ask for this once a wk when we do our menu planning for the wk. I agree with them, this is sooo good and I love that it’s so easy to make. I’ve never let it sit in the fridge over night those, I’ll try that one time. BUT I saw the question about the frozen chicken..I did put one in kinda frozen and it worked great just added more juice from the frozen chicken I guess

  27. If you want a crispy skin, wad up pieces of aluminum foil and place in bottom of crockpot. This keeps the chicken from sitting in the juice. Sprinkle the chicken with Kosher salt. That will make the skin crisp.

  28. This was absolutely delicious. I have made it several times and with breast meat up and down, makes no difference. I have also gone a step ( or maybe several) further and added some of the spice to the inside and placed carrots, potatoes, green pepper and even one time I made it with cabbage wedges and potatoes. Delicious every time. Has become a great standby quick meal. Will never NOT find a whole chicken in my freezer.

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