summer show favorites. . .

Over the last couple years I think the networks have been improving their summer shows so that we aren’t bored from May to September.


Last summer I discovered, So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD). But. . .I didn’t start watching it until it was over half way through and got addicted. I’ve never gotten into Dancing With the Stars but this show is very addicting.

It will be interesting to watch this show from start to finish this year. . .and tonight there were definitely quite a few interesting and odd dancers. . .and next week’s episode promises equally interesting auditions. Here are a few of my favorite dances from last year:

[media id=1]

[media id=2]

Although, this is one of my favorite summer reality show. . .it isn’t my number one because while this was is entertaining nothing can compare to the greatness that is Flipping Out starring Jeff Lewis. . .I can’t wait for that show to come back on. I just wish I knew when it was starting. . .in case you aren’t familiar with Jeff Lewis he is an OCD house flipper in California. . .here is just a little glimpse at his unique personality from last season. . .

[media id=3]


  1. hmm… the clips were definitely entertaining, but I don’t really see that as proving they can actually DANCE…. It’s more like… “take your favorite song and perform an interpretive dance to it at stu co camp”. No?
    I do, however, enjoy Jeff (although he kind of stresses me out with his craziness).
    Summer Shows I’m Looking Forward To: Army Wives, Maneater, and The Bachelorette (provided that the men actually become more interesting as the show progresses)

  2. I LOVE both of these shows…I can’t believe that I missed the past two weeks of SYTYCD….Jeff is awesome…he and Ginny would make great friends!

  3. flipping out is back in july! no exact date yet.

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