Sushi Robata

Sushi Robata

Every time we talked about the place we were going for our next Sister Sushi dinner, the Styx song started playing in my head and I couldn’t stop singing: “Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.”  Oops, sorry if I’ve now gotten the song stuck in your head too.  Okay not really…sing it with me…”Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.”

Beth suggested Sushi Robata so that we could try a new place, which none of us minded.  Plus, this one is in a great location for all of us.  It’s nestled in the Albertson’s parking lot at the northeast corner of Frankford and the Tollway.  I was surprised at how classy this place was; especially considering it’s location.

I am a super picky sushi eater…okay, truth be told I’m a sushi wuss!  I can admit it.  So naturally I scoped out the menu online and picked out what to order before we even got there.  I am not good at the whole raw fish thing, which I understand means that I don’t really eat sushi.  But I’m okay with that!

I ordered:

Sunrise Roll – shrimp tempura roll topped with crab mix, smelt roe and spicy sauce.

Crunch Roll – california roll topped with tempura flakes, smelt roe and eel sauce.

Both were really good!

If you are looking for a new sushi place, I’d definitely recommend this place.  Have you been? What do you think of Sushi Robata?


  1. Yummy! that looks soooo good. I haven’t eaten Sushi in FOREVER!

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