Taverna Rossa | Plano, TX

Taverna Rossa | Plano, TX

Taverna Rossa had been open for a few months before I had a chance to stop in and try it out.  Then I went twice in just a few weeks.  Both times I was there for lunch, so I haven’t experienced their live music yet.

We started out with some queso.  I’ve never been served Fritos with queso before but it was delicious.  The queso contained some local sausage and you can add brisket if you like.

Taverna Rossa queso and fritos

The only problem was, so many of their appetizers sounded delicious, so we also got an order of Vinnie’s Cheese Bread.  It’s not often you run into a unique cheese bread but Vinnie’s is, it has salami under all of the melted cheese.


Because the appetizers were so big and we had two of them, the four of use decided to split two pizzas (and we still had quite a bit for leftovers).

The Queen Margherita

Taverna Rossa Queen Margherita Pizza

Smokey Pie

Taverna Rossa Smokey Pie

Both pizzas were great.  The Smokey Pie was my favorite of the two because I’m not a big tomato fan but the Queen Margherita tasted so fresh it was still good.  The Smokey Pie was a little sweater than I would have guessed but it was a nice compliment to the saltiness of the local brisket and bacon.  Of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a nice glass of Revolver Blood and Honey; it only seemed appropriate to have a craft beer with craft pizza.


One my first trip to Taverna Rossa, we went with The Classic Rossa.  The spinach and artichoke gave this great flavor and depth to each bite.  If you’re in the Plano area be sure to stop in at Taverna Rossa and give it a try!


  1. Yuumm!! Let’s go back! We are glad we got to be a couple of the people that lunched with you there!

  2. Kate, I was just saying to my friend, I really want to go out to dinner tonight. Thanks so much for the suggestion. It looks amazing.

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