The Day After. . .

The day after Christmas is always so sad. . .all of the decorations start coming down and everything is unusually plain. Even though those holiday lights, wreaths and what not are only up for about a month their absence seems to create quite a void that takes me a little while to grow accustomed to once again.

Although as I get older I am no longer sad that Christmas is over but rather excited I have survived another one. . .just kidding!

Today was especially painful because I had to wake up and go to work, who has to work the day after Christmas when it falls on a Friday? Oh yeah, me! Fortunately I did get to shut the place down a bit early and have a few lazy hours before I head out to celebrate Christmas with Dad and Pamela.

But even after tonight the Christmas celebrations aren’t over. I still have one more get together tomorrow afternoon/evening with the Sanders. I think we are working on starting a new holiday tradition, an afternoon of making Swedish Meatballs, and then feasting on them for dinner. I can’t wait!

Now the countdown begins for 2000 and 9! I can’t decide if my Christmas decorations will stay up through New Years or if I will take them down this weekend. . .I guess we will see how I’m feeling tomorrow.


  1. so, so sad… you could always do what i do and get out the valentine’s day decorations after you put up christmas… then it’s not so bare. 🙂 then you might feel like you’re living inside a Party City, but it’s not so bad.

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