Thrifty Thursday

On Tuesday, I was cruising around the internet on few different financial sites and couldn’t help laughing when I learned that this week is America saves week. Apparently it is a three year-old organization promoting and educating people on saving. I didn’t really get a chance to spend much time on their site but it looks like they offer a lot of good suggestions.

And. . .to update you on my no spending. . .I think I did pretty good. I started Saturday and actually did spend a little money, but I had a good reason. I got a letter a few weeks back from Discover saying they were closing my account; this was a surprise to me because I thought that account had already been closed. They told me that once I got my card I needed to go out and use it, so I bought my brother lunch and that was $6.

Sunday and Monday were excellent no money spent. But, I totally forgot that Tuesday was Mardi Gras. . .so I went out with some friends to celebrate, and only spent $10. . .pretty good, right?

I didn’t end up going to the grocery store this week, I decided to really make what I had at home last, which leads me to Thursday. . .I did spend a little money, but not much. . .so I don’t feel so bad about slipping.

I am thinking about having another no spending week next month; but definitely not the same week as St. Patty’s. Wanna join me?


  1. In the same vein, I’ve put myself on a stricter budget since the New Year. I have put more in savings and have smaller amount to work with for 4 weeks. So I divide that amount by four to try and spend equally each week. Short end: goal being that I try to spend a significant amount less so that I can put a bit each week to keep my credit balances down. It definitely is less stressful than making the last two weeks of the month on a shorter amount of $ than I had the first two weeks.

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