Tillman’s Roadhouse | Bishop Arts | Dallas

Tillman’s Roadhouse | Bishop Arts | Dallas

This past weekend while we were celebrating Beth’s Bachelorette Party I finally got to try a place I’ve been dying to try, Tillman’s Roadhouse.  Because we were staying at the Belmont Hotel, we went to the Bishop Arts location.

I made a reservation from the Tillman’s Roadhouse website so we walked in and were seated right away.  On the table there were small dishes filled with truffle popcorn, not a combination I would have ever thought of but it was delicious!

We started out with the trio of fries.  The trio included Parmesan black pepper kennebec, chili dusted purple Peruvian, smoked salt sweet potato fries.  All of them were good, I have no idea what a purple Peruvian is, but I think that was my favorite of the three.   The trio also came with house made ketchup and horseradish pickle mayo.  Surprisingly I really liked the mayo even though I cannot stand mayo and am not particularly fond of horseradish.

We also went with two orders of the cornbread muffins, they came with little slabs of butter shaped like a bone.  I like cornbread when it isn’t dry so this was great!  And the little muffins were the perfect size for us to give them a try.

Trying to decide what to have for dinner was tricky for almost everyone.  I really wanted to try the Cherrywood Smoked Half Chicken but the waiter talked me into one of their specials for the night, and I’m glad he did.  Their special was Chicken Cordon Bleu served over wild rice.  It was stuffed with big hunks of ham and I believe manchego cheese.  It was delicious!

The other thing I thought sounded really good, Mary Alice got, so I got to try it.  It was Tillman’s Roadhouse’s take on Chicken Fried Steak.  The presentation was creative and unlike anything else I’d seen.  It was served over roasted garlic mashed potatoes, with poblano cream gravy, bacon-braised haricot vert, piquillo peppers.

I’ve never seen chicken fried steak come in ball shape.  But those mashed potatoes were amazing!

A couple people went with the crab cakes so they could also order the truffle mac & cheese.  And that mac & cheese was to die for!  The crab cakes were pretty good too, I couldn’t resist stealing a bite!

Some of the other things that were ordered were, the shrimp cocktail. And while I didn’t try it I thought the presentation was too cool!




Two people ordered the Coriander & Cumin Crusted Tuna and I did try a bite of this. My sis-in-law, Tiffany is a huge tuna fan and I know she thought it was delicious!

Last but not least was dessert!  There was no way we were going to turn down the Table Side S’mores!  If you haven’t been to Tillman’s Roadhouse before, this alone is reason enough to get on down there!  We got two orders since there were so many of us.  The S’mores come with: maple, pistachio, & cotton candy marshmallows, cinnamon grahams and dark chocolate bark.

There wasn’t much left of either order by the time we were finished!  I believe they even make the marshmallows and graham crackers in house at Tillman’s Roadhouse.

Tillman’s Roadhouse is an option for Dallas Restaurant week, might be a good time for you to make plans to head there.  But hurry I know the reservations fill up fast!


  1. Mmmmmmm, let’s go back!! =) I wish I had tried your chicken cordon bleu!

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