Twenties Girl

I have to confess. . .after being forced to read nothing but the classics in high school and then becoming an English major in college, it took me awhile before I could get into reading for fun. Fortunately my first “real” job included quite a bit of traveling with some really fun girls. One of whom was, Emily, and she was an avid reader. She introduced Rachel and I to Sophie Kinsella.

At the time Kinsella’s only books were the Shopaholic books. So, that is where I started. Now, whenever a new Sophie Kinsella book comes out I stop reading anything else and pick up her newest release.

This time around though I was little tardy to the party, and didn’t pick up “Twenties Girl,” until I could get it in paperback from Target. I was a bit skeptical about it because the whole premise seemed a little farfetched.

Lara’s great aunt Sophie dies at the beginning of the book and comes back to “haunt” her. No one can see her but Lara. . .however, Lara and Sophie develop such a bond as they search for Sophie’s missing necklace that Sophie becomes more like a guardian angel.

The thing I loved about this book was it made me laugh. . .I’m not sure how anyone couldn’t laugh at the journey Lara goes through (accompanied by her “ghost” aunt). . .I was embarrassed for her at times, proud of her, but overall highly entertained. . .

This time of year, if you are headed on any sort of beach vacation or pool time, I highly recommend this read; it is fun and easy. In fact if you are around Dallas, I’ll even loan you my copy. Just let me know. . .

Now I am off to work on next week’s book. Happy reading.


  1. Love this post, loved the book! I was skeptical too ( with the whole ghost thing), but I thought it was just as entertaining as her other reads! Glad you liked it too! Definitely a great summer read, good call Kate!!!

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