Twilight | Stephenie Meyer

Twilight | Stephenie Meyer

I have never been a fan of vampire themed books or movies, but with all the hype about the Twilight movie I decided to give in. Plus, my sister bought all four books so I figured, why not? I started Twilight on a Saturday afternoon and read about 50 pages. Then on Sunday picked it back up and couldn’t put it down, I ended up finishing it about 1 am. I wanted to be sure I had it read before I saw the movie.

twilight-posterI don’t know about you, but I thought the movie was a bit of a disappointment; only because my image of the characters differed greatly from the actors cast to play them and because so many important details were omitted from the film. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the movie. . .in fact I saw it more than once but really don’t want to admit how many times I saw it. . .

New Moon and Eclipse were just as well written as Twilight and I was sucked right in, I couldn’t put them down. It has been a few weeks since I read book three and I am now picking up Breaking Dawn.

I have really enjoyed Stephenie Meyer’s writing style and the ease in which she can paint a mental picture of each scene as it unfolds. This book is the exact opposite of One Fifth Avenue to because despite the large numbers of characters in this series, Meyer takes the time to let you the reader really get to know them and actually develop them.

If I hadn’t read the first three books in the Twilight series, the length of this book would completely overwhelm me, it is 754 pages long. . .geez! I am so ready to be oulled back into the world of Bela, Edward and Jacob!

My question for you is, are you on team Jacob or team Edward? Oh, and should Taylor Lautner come back as Jacob?


  1. Team Jacob right now – I’m at the end of book 3- but nice guys always finish last, and Jake is becoming a weak jerk so I am slowly leaning towards Team Edward….

  2. I judge Brett and is “nice guys always finish last” commment…actually, they don’t always finish last in real life. Just some of them might end up finishing last, but there are plenty that don’t at the same time. I’m TEAM EDWARD!! I need to read the leaked 5th book (or what is there of it) no Stephenie’s website.

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