Wedding Shower for Sister

Wedding Shower for Sister

Planning a wedding shower with the bridesmaids for Beth was awesome. We put together, sorry I can’t help but brag, an adorable wedding shower! Everyone did so much, I was so excited with how it all came together!  Since my house is jam packed right now with wedding stuff, Mom was nice enough to loan us her house.  Once again I designed the shower invitation once we came up with our theme of Burlap & Lace using Beth’s wedding colors (though I’m now realizing the green on the invite in this pic looks way too neon, it isn’t really that green).

Tiffany and I went over on Tuesday and got a head start on getting things set up.  Really I just admired all of the awesome decorations Tiffany had sewn and made.

Tiffany made not only the adorable “B&B” and “Love” banners she also made the burlap and chevron runner under the buckets and made the “Thank You” sign, grey chevron runner; she also made a body scrub party favor for everyone to take and decorated the tops with the chevron fabric.

At this point all I could contribute was stuff to hold food.  I brought over all my old Southern Living purchases for displaying food and those silver buckets I got when a Restoration Hardware store by me went out of business.  I’m still so glad I decided to buy those random buckets they used as displays, they are perfect Champagne chillers!

When Tiffany and I left that I night I couldn’t wait to see how everything was going to look when everyone else brought over their decorations and food the day of the wedding shower.

I had decided to make my Bacon Bundles of course, though this time instead of mayonnaise I used Greek yogurt and you couldn’t even tell a difference.  (If you want the recipe for these, click here)  Then I decided I’d try two new Pinterest inspired recipes; I’m still not sure this was such a good idea!

The first new recipe I wanted to try was basically an open faced caprese salad….for the most part it went well, except that the recipe said to set them on a damp baking cloth.  Since I didn’t have any of those I just used damp paper towels.  Big mistake.  The empanada shells that held the tomato and cheesy goodness stuck to the paper towels and there was no separating them.  In hind sight, I should have just tried the parchment paper that I had instead.  I guess you live and learn right?  These would have been so perfect, I was really bummed.  Beth has been obsessed with mozarella and tomato as of late so this recipe had her name written all over it! 

Don’t they look good? The only thing, if these had worked, I was sad about was they are a lot bigger then I originally had anticipated.  The recipe I was attempting to create is this one.

When I realized this recipe was a big waste of my time, I kind of started to panic.  But, luckily I had prepped the Bacon Bundles the night before and had already cut up the biscuits and spooned the insides into the mini muffin tins.  All I had to do was unwrap the trays and throw them in the oven.  I then quickly set to work on the other new recipe, keep in mind I was supposed be over at mom’s to help set up in about 30 minutes…I was stressed!

The second new recipe was a pastry stuffed with avocado, salsa and greek yogurt.  This one was not hard, it was just time consuming.  And apparently I did not get a picture of it.  But with these, next time I make them, I would actually replace the puff pastry with crescent roll.  The pastry dough was a little overwhelming.  Part of that may have been that I didn’t roll it out super flat so there was a ton of pastry dough in each bite and that took away from the flavor of the inside when it was cooked.  Prior to cooking, the squares of pastry looked tiny and I could barley fit much stuffing.  This recipe was easy though.

1 sheet of puff pastry
1 ripe avocado
1/3 C salsa
1/3 C greek yogurt (recipe calls for cream cheese I made a substitution)

Put a small amount of avocado, salsa greek yogurt between two squares of pastry (or crescent) and seal the two squares around the insides.  Then scramble an egg and drizzle on top to help keep the pastry/crescent from burning.

Once these were finished I rushed over to mom’s house where all the other hostesses were busy finishing decorating for the wedding shower.  Here are a few shots around Mom’s house of all the decorations:

These dot streamers that Susanna made and we hung on the mirror turned out better than I could have imagined and secretly I hope Mom never takes them down!

Here is the completed mimosa bar area. Of course we had to do a mimosa bar or this wedding shower wouldn’t be complete!

Food wise we had so many amazing things! Mandy made 3 different types of mini muffins that were all delicious! My favorite were the pumpkin muffins. She also made mini egg casseroles. Tiffany made cucumber shooters filled chicken salad.  These were perfect because the cucumbers helped add green to the table!

Teal made the cake pops and you can read all about her cake pop (mis)adventures on the Life Is a Run blog and you can also see more pictures of the decorations.  If you are interested in any of the awesome decorations that Tiffany made and we haven’t already claimed, check out her Etsy shop, she’s got a lot of fun stuff on there!

Here is one last shot of the table of food:

And here is the bride to be with all of the hostesses:


  1. Y’all seriously threw a fa-reakin’ awwwwesome shower!! Most amazing one I have ever been to! Everything was sooooo good!! Let’s try those caprese salad things again! 😉

  2. thanks for trying my recipe and you all look fabulous! congrats on a great shower/party!

    • Thanks for putting it out there! I’ve got to try it again when I’m not all frazzled from messing up another recipe and have time to make it correctly! 🙂


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