what I’m Reading, week 19

I have just barely started this one, but I am reading My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. I have been wanting to read this one for awhile and decided it was time after seeing a preview for the movie on Oprah last week.


I always like to read books that are being made into movies before they hit the big screen. Even though I have no idea when this movie starring Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin is coming out, I still wanted to get this one read.

The only other Jodi Picoult book I have read was The Tenth Circle and I enjoyed it so hopefully this one won’t disappoint.


  1. I read this book. It is very good! I can’t wait for the movie!

  2. this is my favorite book! it is fabulous.

  3. hmm… curious about the book, but skeptical in regards to the cover… it looks like that’s one creepy sister… if i ever had a sister and she were leaning on my shoulder like a passed out wine-o in a ballet leotard, i’m not sure i’d claim her… just sayin’ 🙂

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