What I’m Reading, week 7

This week I’ve mostly been reading rewrites of my own book. Trying desperately to get through this last round so that I can finally say I am finished. So I don’t have any new books to recommend this week. Hopefully I will be able to put the updated chapters up online soon so you can read them at your leisure.

I have been working on finishing Love Monkey, so I can return it to Kandice. The character that is Tom Foley thinks and speaks at a rapid and witty pace that makes me want to keep reading. In fact, Kandice and I were talking about how impressive it is that Tom’s thoughts are all over the place yet you can still follow them and understand him.

I will definitely have this book finished before next Monday and will have a new review.

But for tonight I am busy watching Dexter with my mom and brother so happy reading! Don’t forget to send me your suggestions for what I should read next.


  1. twilight is being released on saturday at midnight so that they can have midnight pandemonium at walmart and barnes and noble a la the book releases. some crazies should come out in costume.

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