wine o. wednesday #12

wine o. wednesday #12

This week I drank Bitch wine. . .sorry if that offends anyone? But it is good wine! Meredith and I happened upon this wine one night at Cru, a local wine bar, because it was one of the wines in the flight we had ordered. We liked it so much we ordered a full glass to enjoy.

It makes me laugh every time I hear someone go, I had the best wine the other day, it’s called. . .and they quietly say “bitch.”

bitch-wineIt is a Grenache, which according to Wikipedia is the most widely planted variety of red wine grape in the world. Who knew, because I hardly ever hear about Grenache. This particular wine/grape comes from Australia.

Maybe I’m drawn to this wine because I think the label’s cute, maybe it’s cause it is around $10 or maybe because it is just good? But it definitely isn’t because it is a screw cap! I am always disappointed when I find a wine I really like and it is a screw cap. . .there’s just something about not having a cork that I miss.

I like that K&L Wines says, “This ain’t your Daddy’s Grenache. This is a wine about pleasure.” In fact, this wine is actually pretty highly regarded; Robert Parker even gave it 90 points which Is pretty impressive.


Over the last few months I have been mainly drinking out of Beth’s stemless wine glasses that Teal gave her, but for this wine I decided to spruce things up and use my fancy Kate Spade glasses that I love, I just don’t use them enough.

I am not quite sure what next week’s wine will be, sometimes it is just hard to decide. As soon as I do I’ll let you know so you can drink along. . .


  1. Two things, ok maybe 3:

    1. I’m glad you reviewed this b/c I’ve been wanting to try it.
    2. You’ll get an early taste but Penfold’s Koonugah Hill is my favorite (for what it’s worth)
    3. Bitner’s webpage of awesomeness? Let’s do it!

  2. i love this one! last time i bought it, the girl behind the counter said (in a quiet voice)… “hey, if you like it, you’ll have to tell me next time. i want to try it, but i’m kind of embarrassed to take it home to my husband”… ha!
    bring it on, bitch! (uh, sorry, i got carried away)

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