wine o. wednesday #16

Red Diamond – Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 (I think)

Today is my friend Wendy Gunn’s birthday, so rather than drink wine at home alone tonight for this post; I decided to drink my wine at the restaurant we went to. Blue Fish had a very limited Cab selection, so I just picked the house Cab.

The bartender said it was Red Diamond and based on their website, I am guessing it was a 2004. I’ve had this Cab before but it has been a few years, so technically it might have been an older vintage, but oh well let’s not get picky.

It kills me to drink wine at a restaurant for $8 a glass when I know the bottle probably cost them under $12, but I guess that is their prerogative. This is a very dry Cabernet to me but it was actually a nice compliment to dinner, which leads me to my next big announcement. For me this is earth shattering. . .

I found a sushi roll that I liked! I still can’t believe I can say that. Over the past several years I have been forced to try sushi many times. California rolls. . .boring and bland, so what’s the point? Raw fish. . .makes me want to gag, but I have still tried it.


But tonight, thanks to Lori I got to try the Sundae roll and it was delicious! I actually ended up ordering a roll all on my own. It was crab, shrimp, spicey. . .perfection.

Sushi anyone?

Next week’s wine will be the BV Cabernet Sauvignon, Coastal Estates, 2005.


  1. I love me some sushi!! Thanks for the two pieces you saved me even though it made me hate you and want more. 🙂

  2. YEA!!!! It was great seeing you!

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